Chop block on lawrence

It matters little right now..but a chop block that even tsn commented on....

That was bad.
How do the refs miss that call when it was right where at least 3 of them should have been looking?

Best player on the field tonight. For both teams. Cheap shot all the way. I hope he's not out for long.

thankfully he was back in before the end of the game :thup:

The refs, the league, and TSN worship Sask they just cant stop talked about how fantastic Sask is for the whole frigging game, and what was the penalty ratio 20 to 5. What BS. the league is kissing their a$$ :cowboy:

The refs were terrible tonight. Especially early on. Proulx is the worst official I have ever encountered in pro sports. Zero consistency whatsoever. What is a penalty on one play, is not a penalty on the very next.

Seems it depends on whose foul it is

CFL Refs and by extension the CFL office, seem to have a problem detecting major fouls against Ticat players. In the pre-season head shots to Lamar and Fantuz (both out with concussions) and the block on Lawrence. Yet there is no problem when the Cats commit a foul, both real and imagined.

I always complain about the refs in a general refs suck sort of way, but they were particularly brutal. I couldn’t believe some of what they missed. It was insane. Holds all over the place. Iffy calls against us. It’s bad enough when things go the way they did without inept reffing to make it that much worse.

This guy thinks the fans come to watch him. He is the worst official in a badly officiated league. Pretty bad!

Just re-watched that specific play. I really don't think it was a chop-block by #68 Picard. He did get called for holding as he grabbed Simoni's jersey from behind trying to turn him. Picard then seemed to lose his balance and footing and fell onto the back of Lawrence's legs.

No chop block in my mind.

And as it happened right in front of the TiCats bench you would expect a reaction from them if they thought it was a chop-block. But there wasn't.

Man UP CFL hold your refs to account this group was disgraceful all night

I'm surprised that no one has yet mentioned the helmet to helmet on Tasker from Dwight "A"Hole Anderson that was an obvious call and another cheap shot by the biggest nutbar in the league,can't stand that mental midget who wears #33 for the Riders,hopefully he gets a verdict of guilty in his assault trial and has to go play prison ball for awhile.He is without a doubt one of the biggest head hunting Goofs in the league on a team with a bunch of them as far as I'm concerned :thdn: looking directly at you Foley,Levi Stenauer,Picard etc etc :x

Well, you can forget about that ever happening. The assault charges against Anderson and Eron Riley were dropped in early June. Only Taj Smith has to defend the assault charges against him.

I don't often say this, but that was one of the most brutal cases of officiating I've ever seen in recent memory, and not just vs the Ti-Cats but on both sides of the ball that game. Holds getting missed like they are going out of style, phantom holding calls on both us and Sask, bogus UR calls, a missed chop block and some of the chincyest roughing the passer calls I've ever seen.

I hope both coaches complained to the league on this one, and I'm not taking anything away from Sask on this one. The Riders were without a doubt the better team and would have won, even if the officiating had been good. Proulx and he crew have to go.