Choose the new head coach (short list)

All right, guys. Let's do this one more time now that people like Jones, Marshall, and Cortez are out of the mix and we have a few more names to add. Who do you think will be the new HC? Not who you want, necessarily, but who you think the Als are most likely to hire.

Okay, so far it's a three-way tie between Schonert, Schottenheimer, and Hawkins. I voted for Hawkins because he looks Trestman-esque, and therefore I can see Wetenhall and Popp wanting to bring in a similar type of football mind to minimize discontinuity.

While Dan Hawkins had a record of 53-11 at Boise State, his record at Colorado was 19-39; he was fired in the mid 2010 season and he is now a college studio analyst for ESPN. Out of coaching since mid 2010 season and he never coached at the professional level. I definitely don't see him as the future Als Head Coach. He is definitely a good "salesman" which could help him.

My choice remains Turk Schonert; former QB and coached at the NFL level,mainly as QB Coach. Head Coach at UFL level.


I could live with Schonert, definitely. I just feel like Hawkins is the guy they'll wind up hiring, despite the shortcomings you mentioned, Richard.

Is Paul Lapolice out of the picture ?

Some dark horses

Charlie Taafe
Paul Lapolice
Danny Barrett
Jerry Glanville
Jeff Fisher
Eric Mangini

I like him...

for those interested. He has fantastic videos on the internet. Turk Talks, here is one on protection, plenty more on the right of the screen. He also loves engaging and educating fans, a rare trait.

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Man Im trying to psychologically prepare myself for Maciocia....but I just cant. Plus I`ll need a new Als cap.

I am still peeved that Chris Jones was eliminated or eliminated himself. He made the most sense.

Of the other names Schonert seems to make the most sense, but I will remain skeptical. There`s Milanovich, Austin, and Burke in our division now - these are all experienced guys with experienced staffs.

If Maciocia is hired it will be a 35% football decision and a 65% marketing decision - Mr. Wetenhall coming to the conclusion that he needs to have greater francophone media exposure to compete with the Impact and Canadiens.

Maciocia hasn't put any bums in the seats at UM and he won't for the Als.

This forum is a small sampling but he got zero votes in the first pole and zero in tonight's

Considering we know he won't win. He will quickly become a marketing disaster.

Thanks for the videos on Turk Schonert,HfxTC.

I can't imagine that a Danny Maciocia is in competition with such a candidate.


Can't see Popp bringing back Taaffe after the latter's abject failure in Hamilton, nor Barrett, who was never better than average in the CFL. LaPo is a possibility -- I forgot about him when making the poll. Fisher and Mangini I don't trust not to bolt back to the NFL at the first opportunity; hopefully Wetenhall understands the risks and eliminates these silly out clauses in the HC contract of whoever he hires. I don't know anything about Glanville, never even heard of him. Does he have pro experience at all?

Glanville is way past his expiry date.

If Mr. Wettenhall wishes for francophone media exposure, Chapdelaine seems like a better choice. He's been with winning organizations in the CIS and the CFL- He won 2 Grey Cups as OC with BC, and has a 27-13 record as HC with the Rouge et Or, along with a Vanier Cup. And to borrow D&P's expression, he seems Trestman-esque.

Past reports have said Chapdelaine is not media friendly. And Maciocia, football shortcomings aside, certainly knows how to play the press. His father afterall was involved in Liberal politics.

Why would Jeff Fisher be a dark horse? You think he would quit St. Louis to come to Montreal?

Interesting tweet from Dave Naylor:

David William Naylor ?@TSNDaveNaylor
Huge issue in the Montreal coaching search: who can produce a staff, instantly. Will weigh heavily over the process. #als #CFL

I dunno, man. That sounds like Captain Obvious stuff to me. Any good pro coach will assemble his staff in short order. No matter who's hired as HC, it's going to be a rush getting all the new assistants in.

You got to know all the leaks are coming out from the Maciocia/Thorpe camp.

This is so depressing. I now really don’t care who’s hired, so long as it isn’t Maciocia.

Given that all the attention is on the Canadiens, the HC he job doesn't require that much media-friendliness: Matthews didn't have any and Trestman was polite, but no more.