Wow, that was an absolute choke job by the Green Hicks. Keep strumming those banjos. Congrats Montreal on a great comeback.

Montreal is a 100x better team than the riders are and deserve the Grey Cup not the riders!

I thought the refs were going to give the GC with that non PI call when the Al’s were going for the deuce at the end

Hey riders fans, don’t trip over the empties as you leave the stadium…

I feel good and bad about it, i do feel bad cause I know I would have felt to see the Stamps do that, but still listening to Rider fans gloat on here all winter that would be too much to handle

congrats Als, play half a game and still win, you are the best in 2009

Nice to see all the classy posters on here following the game.

It really hurts to lose the game on a stupid penalty, but the Al's kept coming and didn't give up and you have to give them credit. I think the Riders played the better game, but the Riders did the same things the Als did many times this season with a come from behind victory.

At the very least, at least it was a much more enjoyable game than the past 2 from an entertainment stand point. Everyone that thought Montreal would win by 35 points can at least eat some crow.

Na, I feel great. I had to listen to all the smack all season about my Lions, and did not want to hear the rider gloating all winter as I live here. The Al's deserved it way more than the riders and good on them!

God give-ith.....and the Al's take-ith away!!

After watching the Als play for three quarters, I'm not sure I'd say they deserved it (and I was cheering for them), but congrats all the same.

We all know Rider fans are some of the classiest fans around. They always wipe the manure off there boots before entering a home.

I called a blowout, but I'll give full credit to the 'riders for playing a near-perfect game. Unfortunately, they were beaten by great team that never gave up.

A win is a win. If the Al's showed up for a full game they would have won by at least 50. Ya we are all eating crow, it's not bad sauteed with fried rider sauce!!

Whatever helps you sleep at night.


And I'm 10 beers in tonight.

If you're gonna sling it, sling it properly at least.

Agree with you there Chief, proud that my Als were, for once, on the winning end of a close one, but I am a little disappointed with their performance today. Riders and fans, we do know how you guys fell (beleive me) but you have a lot to look forward to.

Don't waste your time, Dust. The guy's been here for over a year and only has 14 posts. That tells me he only comes on to troll.

ahhhhhh bullllllllll

The alcohol helps numb the pain of the loss, but no amount of alcohol can make me believe those posting in this thread are fans of the CFL.

Grow up guys, there is always a losing side to the big game. Getting to the game in itself is a huge accomplishment, if you're trolling it's likely your team isn't one of the final two.

A win is a win. If the Al's showed up for a full game they would have won by at least 50. Ya we are all eating crow, it's not bad sauteed with fried rider sauce!!

It looks like the west sent the wrong team to the big dance. The west could have got it done with EE against the Al's. How can you call trolling on the CFL forum?

My Lions got spanked by the Al's last week, I moved on...

I didnt actually watch most of the game as I was doing plumbing for my new ( RONA kitchen cabinets) arriving in 5-7 weeks now official sponsor of the CFL and seeing Montreal choke I quit watching when some rider guy scored in the 4th. They should have blown the riders out and are still chokers in my books. If I was an Alouette I wouldnt be too happy with this win.

If I can steal a line from that guy posing as a Lions fan, a win is a win, I don't think the Al's give two craps about whether they won on the last play by 1 point, or by 50 points. These are the two BEST teams in the CFL going head to head for the Championship, rarely is the game a blowout. It's kinda naive and shows a bit of biased against the Riders.'re bigger than this Dust, I know it's tough, but you are a classy poster on this forum, ignore the taunts...