Choke Artist! I love it.

Leading up to the Grey Cup every announcer mentioned Henry Burris and not being able to win the big one, etc, etc, etc… They ALL mentioned that that was the knock on him!


What about Anthony Calvillo? Seriously?!?

What is he… 1-5 in Grey Cups?

He’s the real choke artist!

somebody had to lose. insulting the losers is really small and assinine. AC did not choke, calgary just won. plain and simple

Ok perhaps he didn't choke, but something has to be said for one of the all time greats winning 1 out of 6 possible Grey Cups....

Would Michael Jordan be the greatest of all time if he only won 1 title instead of 6?

yes, if he played on the montreal football team

otoh, I dont see anyone ever claiming AC to be the greatest, or even close to it. Just solid and usually dependable, and sometimes overacheiving.

Calvillo went 29/38 for 352 passing yards. Those numbers may not look bad at all. But it was those two picks that he threw that made the difference. One pick meant one more FG for Calgary, the other meant one less TD for MTL.

It was interesting to hear Calvillo say something along the lines of considering himself going head to head with Burris this game. Burris threw one less pick, but also had 70 more rushing yards than Calvillo and went 28/37 for 328 yards. Burris was just the better QB this game.

Winning championships is really what its all about and QBs are paid to deliver them.

"Fair" or not is irrelevent. Calvillo simply isnt a big game QB.

With a Cup on the line I'll take McManus , thanks.(and I'm still glad we did 10 years ago.)

Whether or not you want to admit it this is going to be discussed as part of his legacy. This Montreal TEAM with AC as its leader could have been known as one of the biggest dynasties in CFL history but the fact remains, he lost when it counted the most. They dont talk about stats and numbers, they talk about rings... and AC has 1. As many as Marcus Crandell.

Its very possible that people will call him a choke artist and theres plenty of evidence to support such an argument.

As usual, the QB gets too much credit for the win and too much blame for a loss.

Jim Kelly 0-4 in Super Bowls

Did Dan Marino ever make it to a Super Bowl?

Sure AC is 1-5 in Grey Cups, but I really don't think it's that big of a deal.

That was a good game with Montreal's halftime defensive adjustments that won the game for Calgary. That's what should really get crdit for that Grey Cup.

And accordingly, I could help but think about Denny Creehan's defence being so bad in Calgary last season and look at what they did this year and in the Grey Cup.

Creehan has got to go.

Calgarys Defensive line took the game away from Calvillo batting down four passes or more!
They were the difference as opposed to the Als defencsiveline which you could lay the above label on if you need a scapegoat.
Defence won again, memories of Joe Montford winning us the cup in99 are in my head!

then I guess Ron Lancaster should also be remembered as a choke artist then. One cup in 11 yrs of being legit contenders. Talk about under acheivement. In the end, the TEAM loses and the QB is NOT a choke artist.

Agrred. If Calvillo played poorly and cos tthem the game then maybe you could make the choke argument.

He played well with a couple ints I'm sure he'd want back.

A quick, off-the-top-of-my-head list of 'One Championship winners'

Ray Bourque
Steve Young
Lanny McDonald
Dave Winfield
Paul Molitor
Peyton Manning (thus far)
Ron Lancaster
George Reed

Are these guys 'choke' artists? Is there careers at all diminished because they only won 1 championship?

That's right... these guys are among the all-time greats in their respective sports... they were only as good as the teams they played on

Lanny McDonald?

LOL! That's funny.

Ya i love it too and ill be the first to admit it !!! Im glad Burris won his first Grey Cup and how is that people can knock Burris for previously not having won the big game but nobody can say anything about Calvillo NOT WINNING as many Grey Cups as maybe he should of ????

By the way where is Als4ever ?? He loved taking shots at the Cats this season . Do you think maybe he will be a little scarce around here for a while ??

Say what you want.... Theres people on that list of names that didnt make it to 6 Championships, Young (Won 2 as a backup), Lancaster (Won 1 in split duty IIRC), Manning has been there once, same with Molitor, Bourque and Winfield. Lanny who?

Regardless it IS a good point... problem is when I think of the Montreal Alouettes of the past decade I think of the team that didnt win more because of Hamilton and Toronto knocking them out of the playoffs for 4 or 5 straight years (I think) and then the team that didnt get it done in the Grey Cup. Calvillo is the guy people think of when they think of those teams.

Choke artist? Yeah thats probably harsh... but unable to get the job done in the big one is something that is once again, a fair argument.

Agreed. I think winning even one championship is a huge accomplishment. Sure, a player would rather have 5 rings than just 1, but I think the leap from 0 to 1 means the most, especially since so many great players never accomplish even that.

Winning that first championship means nobody will ever be able to claim "He never won the big one". Sounds a bit petty for folks to say "He only won the big one once".

I think it must have been a tough pill to swallow for Marino, who went to the Superbowl very early in his career, didn't win, and never made it back.

To the people who call AC a choke artist and question his ability to win the big game, answer me this... How many current QBs can say they've been to 6 Grey Cups? How many in the last 10-20 years can say that?

AC may only have 1 ring, but I'd say he's been pretty successful in his career.

Yeah, sure that argument can be made, but I don't buy into it seeing as he's played well and it's ultimately a team game. I'd prefer a team analogy.

I guess you could call this Alouettes team the Atlanta Braves of he CFL.

Yes He was in Super Bowl XIX
Marino and the Dolphins met Joe Montana and the San Francisco 49ers in a battle of Western Pennsylvania-bred quarterbacks. Montana and 49ers Won
it a blow out 38–16 loss ended up being Marino's only Super Bowl appearance.

Comparisons to Lancaster or Marino are pretty clumsy. Never were the Dolphins the better team in a SuperBowl and perhaps only once was Lancaster favoured.

Fact is Alouettes were always as good or better than their opponents in every cup they've been in. Last night they even had the intangible advantage of having the home advantage and more player expereince and they still couoldnt get it done.

It might not be fair or nice to point out but 1-6 when it matters most is just as much an organizational failure than the failures around here.