Choice to win the East

I have to go with the Bombers... No AC means no chance for the Als...No way I cheer for those pukes from Hogtown..So it has to be the Bombers...

Neither team has been "great" down the stretch but based on Toronto's defense, they should win the East. I had the Bombers winning the Cup on another site but based on their play, I've changed my mind.

Anyone but Toronto…

for some reason i find myself for the first time cheering for the argos and ( even montreal??? whats happening?? (must be proximity) Mayby it is because i like belli and their defence is top rate. I also like knowing that i can access an eastern playoff game as well as my grey cup ticket. GO Agos! haha wow first time for that...bob please help

oh ya and i still like troy davis

Go Argos.

bishop is playing really good today and bruce III . If this argos team can get some offence who knows how far they will go - they are really getting it done so far today into and with the wind