CHML's Technical Difficulties

Is it just me, or does CHML have technical difficulties during every 5th quarter? Again tonight,

host: “Caller you there?”
caller: “Yeah, I’m still here…”
host: “Oh, I guess he’s gone, ok, moving on.”


lol, noticed this as well. Pretty funny..

Sad really, because it happens every week.

Maybe Timmy will call in again?

Please no. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great to give kids some air time, but please, leave it to a minimum. He isn't very good at cutting callers off in a reasonable amount of time. ... I've got it, Bob, just pretend that you can't hear them any more.

Bob: "Timmy, you there?"
Timmy: "Yes"
Bob: "Timmy? Well, I guess Timmy is gone, moving on.