CHML Sunday Tiger-Cat Show.."live" from StreetFest

Starts at 12:05 pm today after the noon news.


(to those out of range, go to the website and click the "listen live" feature)

Listening to a headshrinking show just now on CHML...LOL

This might have been more interesting than the final roster in another life. :smiley:

Thanks for the head's up.

I see our buddy "Drew in Japan" on-line.... :smiley:

What time is it there Drew?....better yet, what day is it?...


Could anyone write as fast as Ted was announcing the cuts and the trade?.....I lost track after the first two players.... :lol:

Our Caretaker is awesome.

Sounds through the radio like the place is packed with people and everyone is having fun.

I knew when I first saw the layout of that street that it would be the perfect venue for such events....hopefully it will be the place to be for an old-fashioned Tiger-Cat Pep Rally the night before a huge playoff game this fall.

Remember all those great rallys in front of the Royal Connaught Hotel?......fantastic memories!

Lets get ready for more great ones! :smiley:

It great Fun Watch Ted Work Live...
Yes the Place was pack Great Fun..