CHML reports Eakin starting

(Thanks to Crash noting this elsewhere)

Maas vs Eakin flame we go.

Just like ol' times (DMac-Brady).

Hang on folks, this will be a bumpy ride.

hahahahahaha....maas and his injury that he has (cant remember-hip flexer?) too bad..if hes out for 2 weeks..there goes ur chance at the playoffs :lol:

I think Eakin Will Surpise you..

he wont surprise me..i saw him last year, and i no he isnt a push over, but i dont think hes good enough to lead u guys to victory over our d with just a passing game..cuz ur running game wont help him that much

I've stayed out of this ,but now it's official ,I'm happy for Kevin Eakin and I'm in favour of a two QB system like Esks used last year or way back to Zuger and Cosentino!

Come on Kevin!
Get better Jason! :thup:

its about fr-Eakin time! haha couldnt resist. Seriously tho, lets all hope Maas recovers soon, although Eakin is a good replacement..for now anyway

Funny, I was thinking the same thing about Glenn. Better hope Blink is on that night.

I'll say this about hip pointers - these hurt one heck of a lot. I got one playing high school football, thought I'd be cool and not wear any hip pads and in practice, a helmet right on the iliac crest. For weeks afterwards, coughing and sneezing was unbearable and forget about playing. It isn't a serious injury but one that is extremely painful.

Bo knew hip pointers. Wasn't Jackson's career cut short because of a injury in that area?

According to the latest depth chart, Maas is still listed as the starter. This could be a game-time decision. As well, newcomer Sam Young is getting the start at CB along woth Airabin Justin on the other side. Goss is back starting at HB, and there are no surprises with the rest of the lineup.

Bo broke his hip, and then the femoral head died as a result of further injuring it. Now, Bo knows titanium and plastic...

oh great… so we’re gonna have cornerbacks playing 15 yards off the line of scrimmage again?

WOW...Good Luck Kevin! :rockin:

Pardon me for not having a great feeling about tomorrow night...

Starting DB's hurt, backup QB.... sigh. This is a big game.

Don't underestimate Eakin, He may not surprise you but he Will beat you twice.

EAKIN wow im excited. this is going to be an amazing game

As long as Eakin sees DJ early and often he'll be fine.

As Frank, whatever his last name is who talked about buying the Gades and sells his Chetaah drink with Ben Johnson, well, lets be perfectly Frank then - I think Kevin Eakin will be a better quarterback than Jason Maas could ever expect to be. Just my gut feeling I have, nothing more. I think Jason Maas has a lot of tools, but is a head case of some sort, higher than a kite one minute and down in the dumps the next, not a quality that is great for a starting qb, a 2nd stringer coming off the bench, yes, but not for a first stringer. I hope I'm wrong though, sometimes I am apparently.

The thing with starting Eakin that will work to Cats' advantage is that BBs haven't seen him this year and only sparingly last year. News coming before Game Day, as Blue are travelling to Hammer, is also curious timing.

Never underestimate the power of the Backup QB in the CFL --- well, except for Montreal's up to this year.