CHML reporting Michael Fenn is facilitator

not totally confirmed yet but the source is very reliable they say…

Bio :


Wow! How could anyone else top his qualifications?
Only thing negative is that he lives in Burlington. :wink:
Sorry Tom. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm, from the bio:

He enjoys opera and blues, graphic arts, cycling, canoeing

hmmm... :? Not that there is anything wrong with this, I like cycling and canoeing as well and some blues music. But just wondering if he "gets" what a stadium experience for football is all about. Maybe doesnt' matter though. :?

Earl: We already have plenty of people involved who know exactly what the game day experience is all about.
Look where that has got us!

I think that a good thing
He don't live in Hamilton Means he won't be Swayed by living where he is working

I think he is a great Choice.

Earl: We already have plenty of people involved who know exactly what the game day experience is all about.
Look where that has got us!

Hey, true enough 62, albeit not sure if Fred has had the experience of something as "ruff and tumble bordering on barbaric maybe?" as a TigerCat football game. :twisted:

Captain, not crossing the line here on this one, am I? :? :wink:

What an impressvie back ground.

As a west harbour/downtown supporter here's what encourages me:

[i]He remains a Director on the Boards of the Canadian Urban Institute ...serves on the Board of the innovative “brownfields? project, the Imperial Cotton Centre for the Arts, in north Hamilton .

...a Diploma in Urban/Regional Public Administration, ...

...His contributions to environmental preservation projects have twice been recognized by awards from the Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner. ...

Michael was born and educated in downtown Toronto, where he also lived for many years – taking public transit every day. [/i]

I wouldn't be surprised if the world of politics is more barabaric than football. :wink:

I wouldn't be surprised if the world of politics is more barabaric than football

Wouldn't surprise me either one bit!

He will Rounded that why think make a good CHoise.

Impressive credentials no question although seems to be lacking in private enterprise/business experience. Can't have everything though will admit.

Spec is reporting he will be named tommorrow

A former top level bureaucrat with the old region of Hamilton Wentworth and the provincial government is the facilitator who will help broker a deal between the city and Ticats over the Pan Am stadium location and finances.
The Spectator has learned that Michael Fenn, a Burlington resident who has also served as CEO of the Greater Toronto Transportation Authority and city manager in Burlington, will be officially named as the facilitator tomorrow.

More on Fenn form a Spec artcle form 2008

[i]Fenn -- a Burlington resident and Metrolinx CEO.

Fenn sees Ontario as a stool with three legs: where not to grow (the Greenbelt), where to grow (Places to Grow) and, via Metrolinx, how to tie the region together.

Metrolinx is seeking $38.5 billion for its grand $50-billion transportation fix.

The agency launched a few years back with a skeleton staff of MacIsaac, Fenn and a couple others. Now, it has about 50 staff.


And Fenn -- who raves about the transportation network he saw in Madrid and how this region can get there -- is researching, giving advice and working on the documents that will underpin big plans.[/i]

My opinion just from looking at his background is that his outlook on issues will definitely be more in line with the public and government side rather than the business side. I would think Fred and the city will be very pleased with this choice. Not sure about the TigerCats though.

Agreed Earl.

CEO of the Canadian Urban Institute, which supported the west harbour site, and former CEO of metrolinx...

I spotted that too but think about it. The process is not binding... So it dosen't really matter. If they can't agree on things. The city will likely lose the stadium and the funding attached to it. I'm still not convinced Bob Young can raise the 50 million in six weeks unless he wants to write the check himself, something he can do but ...

Wasn't it a collaborative choice??

I can see it now:

"After much deliberation, and thoroughly evaluating the arguments and efforts from both sides, I have reached the conclusion that the best place for the stadium is at Brant Street and the North Service Road. Okay, gotta run!"

Just kidding! I'm sure this will be a great step in the right direction.

True enough. I wonder if Fenn's extensive public service record and experience could lead to more public funding to help facilitate the stadium process.

The Ticats have already agree to him Earl
He not from Hamilton He Grew up in the big Smoke and Lives and works in Burlington.
He has good skills and City and Ticats will Bring People in to speak to Him
I'm also sure He bring in his own people he know as well

A facilitator with a bias is a bad choice. His link with Metrolinx kills it for me. No help there at all for the Cats. I’m betting that it will be Rheem or no deal is all he sees. I am more pessimistic about a positive outcome than I have ever been