CHML Pre-Game Show

I was just wondering what time it starts?

Can't find info online. I know its either 30 or 60 min before kickoff but not sure which. Also, whatever the answer is it always like that?

yeah tell me about it....cause im trying to find it toooo....


according to the CHML website pre-game starts at 9PM

guess I missed that.. I was looking there. thanks karen!

ok ok ok ok so is that 8pm my time here in texas

yes. 9 in Hamilton, 8 in Texas and 6 here in Vancouver BC Canada

It's on now...

listening :slight_smile:

im listening to it baby...

so does the game start at 8.30 texas time..

and if so ( i paid 9.95 to watch it online ) does that work when the game starts

Danny Mac is on the Pre game