CHML is reporting.......GM Katz stepping back today


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[i]Winds of change blowing at Ivor Wynne
It’s expected to be another day of change for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.
COO Rob Katz will reportedly remove himself as interim G-M, and hire an experienced football person as his replacement as early as today.

The latest development comes a day after the club fired offensive coordinator Joe Paopao and offensive line coach Kani Kauahi, and traded defensive tackle Adriano Belli to Montreal for defensive lineman Clinton Wayne and linebacker Phillip Gauthier.

Interim head coach Ron Lancaster says they wanted to get something for Belli, just in case he bolted in the off-season.

Wayne, Roger Dunbrack and Marc Pilon will fill Belli’s void[/i]

For the record, I think it s,ucks....but if they have a good guy in mind for the long term then, ok, do what you have to do I suppose... (assuming this report is true)

.....still think Rob was doing his job though and others dropped the ball (no pun intended) in other areas.

Good work Rob! least you aren't leaving outright.


Any ideas on who they're looking at?

if this is true
wouldn't mind too see mike mcarthy

Probably Mike Mcarthy hope it's not Shivers.

Don't know much about Rob Katz but I think his background was baseball. I'd much rather a football person be found for this position that has strong business skills as well. Probably hard to find but I think someone is out there for the job.

I completely agree with the last line. Roger Dunbrack can take Belli's place with no problem. Doesn't take stupid penalties, always there, always plays hard.

Of course, we're being totally "politically incorrect" in assuming the next GM will be a man.....

well?....ya never know ! :wink:

"Hurricane" Hazel McCallion maybe? :o

This will be a great move for the team. Kudos to Rob for seeing the light.

McCallion for GM - HOO Doggey!

She'd ruffle some feathers alright, I'm not sure about her football experience though...However do we want Grandma and Grandpa at the helm (little general and hurricane)????

Yes, kudos for sure, he realized that football isn't his game and tough maybe to get the respect of football players without a football background. His next employer will be impressed I think.

He's not leaving...still COO I believe...


Roy Shivvers is Comming ?
God No..

"COO Rob Katz will remove himself as interim G-M,
and a replacement will be named."

This sentence isn't clear to me.

Will he be replaced by an interim GM or a GM for now and the future?

Allan Ford who filled in when we were taken over by the CFL
should be available as a candidate at least for the interim position.


I hope it is not Roy Shivers.
Too rough around the edges.

yeh Onknight, I'd hate to have a GM that signs a third string qb that makes our first stringer here look like a 10th stringer. We wouldn't want that now here, would we?

Is that you Roger. :wink:

Kent Austin was apparently spotted in town yesterday.

Mike McCarthy or Smith is our answer.

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John Travolta is here in town also I think.


Its gotta be Mike McCarthy.