8) I couldn't believe that for the TiCats final game of the season, CHML limited the 5th Quarter to just a half hour show, because they had to pick up the Leafs pre game show at 6pm.
  Shows you just where that joke of a stations priorities are.  What a disgrace and a slap in the face to the TiCats and their fans, who would have at least liked the opportunity to voice their feelings on this game and their team  !!!

  CHML  Your Official Voice of The Tiger-Cats  !!!!!    Yeah, right  !!!!   

 Pure Bush League from a so called Hamilton station  !!!!        <!-- s:thdn: -->:thdn:<!-- s:thdn: -->         <!-- s:twisted: -->:twisted:<!-- s:twisted: -->

Their program director is a Leafs fan and he's not from Hamilton.

'nuf said.

The Leafs already have acquired more Victories than the Cats and this is November 1, and a season that the Leafs had written off before they started. Say what you want, the truth is that people will line up to pay a premium for Leaf tickets and you cannot give your Ti Cats tickets away.

The radio station is merely meeting the demands of the audience.

Nothing wrong with cutting into the leafs PREGAME show half hour later... its not like the puck dropped at 6pm... I agree with not missing the start of a game but missing the PREGAME show is a joke.

The Could move the 5th Qrt to Y108.. there choice was not too

I hardly think that CHML is a joke, as you put it. Do you even know the guy is from Hamilton or not, and if he actually is a Leafs fan? Does that really matter? These guys have one of the best play by plays in the league (have you actually listened to anyone else??) - they host the Casey show (who else does something like that??) they have allowed for constant bitching from fans on the 5th quarter for the whole year - maybe they are tired of hearing from the same callers who call every week about the same crappy play of the same least the leafs have a winning record. I'm a Hamilton fan as much as the next guy, but complaining that the radio station who airs the games sounds like you are just complaining that you have no where else to complain about air your complaint about how crappy the team is here at!

8) Well, seeing that you just joined this site today and that this is your first post, it is obvious that you are either a CHML employee or the relative of one, who was tipped off about this particular topic, and you felt compelled to defend the stations integrity !!!
  If you read my posting you would see that I did not complain about the play by play man Mr. Zamperin, or make any reference to your programme director being a leaf fan  !!

 I am referring to CHML as being the voice of our hometown TiCats and then bumping their show off the air early to accomodate the Leaf pre-game show  !!  Is that not what CHML used to be referred  to as, "Hometown Radio"  Right, but only if they don't interfere with the also joke leafs broadcast  !!!

 You complain that we should not complain about that fact here on the TiCat site  ??  This is exactly where we should complain about this, it is the TiCat site, or did you not notice that  ??

 I well remember the old days where the 5th quarter ran for a full hour, and usually a full 2 hours after the last game of the year  !!!

 But those were the good old days with Perc Allen and Vince Mazza.  

 Those days are only fond memories now of what CHML used to be like !!!!

  Only a shell of that former great station  !!        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  You claim that the leafs have a winning record  !!  Wow, don't make me laugh too hard.  Tell me what their record is at the end of this season.  They have been bottom feeders for a lot more years than the TiCats ever have been  !!!!

I loved those Hero tabs ads on CHML during the game. Tells a lot about the value of the ad time.

Ted Michaels sounded like he couldn't wait to close the 5th QTR down - the Leaf pre-game was just an excuse.

Hey again,
Believe me, the last place I would want to work is in the media let alone the local media, nor am I a regular on this board but I do think that we are kinda spoiled when it comes to coverage for the team considering the alternatives, and we don't appriciate it - even The Spec can't cover the team without pushing opinions during a game wrapup...So i hear you that it does suck that CHML didnt stick with the post-game show, but I think we should appriciate what we got all season compared to what the alternatives could be...

I do think that your attitute toward the "good ol' days" really outlines the underlying tone of this city, where everything was better 25 years ago which i think is a whole 'nother issue!

Good discussion!

I dont think they cut away early did they? the cat game ran a lot later than expected, almost to 530 wasnt it? chml had planned to cover it until 6pm regardless of when it ended and because it ran late it appeared they cut away but in reality, it just ended when it was scheduled to end. Had the cats game ended sooner then more time for the fifth quarter but they didnt cut away, they ran til 6 which was the plan all along. I would like to see them continue with the fifth quarter on 108 like someone said or even on the Ted Michaels disapointed me though with scott mitchell there and asking email questions instead of letting live callers talk to mr mitchell. Ted is always more worried about not upsetting anyone in the ticat organization than he is asking any tough questions. He wants them on his show and cant upset them. The second they leave the cat organization he rips em a new one though(see troy davis, anderson, maas, goss, chang etc etc).

Tipper, you said it yourself in your first sentence

I was going to wait for someone else to point it out,

but it seems the joke is on me..nobody else mentioned

C-O-N-T-R-A-C-T-U-A-L ...... O-B-L-I-G-A-T-I-O-N-S.

I believe 'contractual obligations' take precedence in any business.

Does anyone here remember the 'Heidi Game?'

The Heidi game has gone down as one of the
most infamous football games in American history.

On November 17, 1968, a game between the Oakland Raiders
and the New York Jets was being televised on NBC-TV.

When it was clear that the game was going to go into overtime,
Dick Cline, then a broadcast operations supervisor at NBC,

followed procedure, and gave the order to switch
from the game to a scheduled broadcast of Heidi.

Since the Jets were leading 32-29, at the time,
it was believed that their victory was a safe bet.

In fact, the Raiders came back to score two touchdowns
in nine seconds, winning the game 43-32.

Football fans were outraged and NBC, showing the final two minutes
of the game on newscasts later that night, made a public apology.

The game changed network policy, making it clear
that no game would be preempted before completion.

"If there was a Martian invasion,
I think the league would understand,"

Fox Sports executive producer Ed Goren says.

Contractual obligations nothing.

They have a deal with the Jays as well...and actually advertise as "Your exclusive voice of Blue Jays Baseball". I'm sorry, but I listen to several "local stations that carry the Jays, including their flagship station (The Fan). Hardly "exclusive to 'ML. They pre-empt the Jays every time there's a day game for their regular programming.

The "official" home of the Leafs is Talk 640, available in many locations...including the Hammer.

It's true. CHML is a joke. Too bad for what was once the pre-eminent radio station in the golden horseshoe... for a long time...until Toronto's Corus Entertainment took over. Brutal.

I listen to CHML all the time and think its great...sure some of the weekend shows are a bit fickle...and maybe i came to the station later in life than you guys did, but what did they do 10, 5, 25 years ago that made them so great - and what's the alternative in Hamilton?

At this point, you will end up working there.

The Heidi Bowl occurred again yesterday in the NFL.The Titans were in overtime and driving for the winning fieldgoal when the network cut to the "talking heads".Apparently NFL rules state that coverage of the first game on Sundays cannot continue past 4:15.Baronas was ready to kick the winning three pointer when the network cut away.Now that is Bush League!!
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7) :cry:

The 5th Quarter isn't as good as it used to be.

Now I feel it's the same 5 people who call the show.

If the Cats win, it's the same thing. Oh, they looked good. They are going to win from here on out. We have a bright future, etc. etc.

If the Cats lose, it's the same thing, fire the coach, get rid of the QB, fire the OC, etc. etc.

It's actually a terrible show to listen too.

And there is always the guy who complains about the beer prices and long concession line ups.

Well, seeing as CHML was the only station to broadcast the game and a half hour of post game, that would probably make 'em the 'Voice Of The Cats.'

Personally, a half hour of post-game is about all I can take...

Have to agree with Tigerdirt and Tigershark, 5th quarter isn't really worth listening to anymore. The ones who call are usually well "into the cups" and make little sense anyway. If they are that "pisssed" then they were not at the game because they couldn't afford to get to that level. (Gee, now I don't have to call the 5th qtr and complain about beer prices this week :lol: ) Same old, same old every week, much like the team itself.

The Heidi Bowl was a water-shed game. After the uproar, the NFL bosses realized how much power they had by how much it was in demand. The next contract with TV networks gave the owners an exorbitant amount of money. But eventually the pendulum swung back the other way and TV bosses took control. Now the tail wags the dog.

   5th quarter has long been a joke. It is only worth listening to for the very rare moments of true insight into the game that just finished and to see how close to total ridiculousness some callers are. I think Ronnie Lancaster hit the nail right on the head when he told Bob Bratina on the air that people who call into radio football talk shows should get a life.