CHML - Final Tiger - Cats Show

Tune in - moments from now - right after the news.

This (I believe), is the final show of the year. (Good thing - Ted Michaels must be dead tired)

It should be a good one - as per usual.

And it starts right about ....NOW!.

(P.S. - heard Ted michaels will be doing the Play by Play for the McMaster-Queens playoff game next week-end. Looks good on him. Congrats!)

Thanks for the update mikey.

??? :roll:

I missed the show: any new speculation arise?

The first caller was .... "pissed" ..... LOL!

Excuse me?

I don’t think so!

(that’s actually quite humourous)

You arent fooling anyone.

“Ehbet” is not me…

…I only post under one name, always have and always will.

If in the future you still have questions like this, just get ahold of the administrators or something. I don’t have time for this.



Well gee you answered it ???