CHML colour guy

Who replaced Sal as the colour guy on CHML? I heard bits of his sarcasm late in the game. Any commments from those who listened in?

Duane Forde.

he did a Fair Job

I caught approx. 10 minutes of the game broadcast. Coach Sal will be missed.

Duane Forde

Official Title @ Canadian Football Analyst

Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario

Started at The Score: November 2002, during the CFL Playoffs

Q + A

Jobs in sports/TV that you had before this one:
I spent 12 years playing fullback in the Canadian Football League.

High point of your career so far:
Having the opportunity to co-host CFL Snap.

Is this your dream career?
Working with James Cybulski is actually more like a nightmare.

If you weren't in sports media, what other occupation do you think you'd have?
Something involving the Canadian Football League. Probably in scouting or management...or maybe developing a video game.

Who are your favourite sportscasters?
Sheri Forde of TSN. I know she works for the competition, but she also happens to be my wife.

Who is your favourite pro athlete?
Growing up, my favourite athletes were Herschel Walker, Ken Dryden, and Charles Barkley, and, the older I get, the more I realize that Muhammad Ali truly was and is "The Greatest". Among the current generation, I have the utmost respect for Steve Nash, as an athlete, as a Canadian, and as a person.

Special interests?
My family

What's your favourite TV show?
Cold Case, and of course I always enjoy an old episode of Seinfeld.

What are your favourite restaurants/pubs to hang out in?
Many of my favourite restaurants are in Calgary, (Spolumbo's, Nick's Steakhouse, Mamma's Ristorante) but here at home I love Colossus (Greek cuisine) in Mississauga.

Quote/motto/words to live by:
"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."
--Dr. Martin Luther King

Pet peeve about this industry:
Unfairness. Positive stories are frequently overlooked while the media glorifies the negative. By the same token, I also believe that it's possible to criticize or question an athlete's on-field actions without belittling them as a human being.

What comments do you have about/for the viewing audience?
Don't believe everything you see on television, hear on the radio, or read in the papers. Formulate your own opinions.

Did you know?
When I'm not talking about football, I teach high school Phys. Ed. and French.

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Excellent choice. Duane Forde is one of the more articulate CFL analysts on the airwaves today. As a former Ticat player, he probably also understands the Hamilton football culture very well.

He did a great job ... worked very well with Tim.