CHML Announcer

Who is doing the game with Dave Marler?

What happened to Tim?

Tim was doing the Queens/Windsor game on The Score earlier today.

The guy doing the play by play has said his name a few times, but I can't understand what he says.

It was nice to have Dave Marler Doing Colour

Adnan Virk. He's from The Score too. I only heard his quick little post game show but I thought he sounded pretty good. Anybody who listened to the whole game have an opinion?

He sounded good to me in those clips. Maybe it should be full time.

I attend all the games and listen to them on the radio on headphones. Virk was OK, but not great. It made me appreciate Tim Mcallief. Virk often had to announce that catches were made by #87...pause...Ed Hervey

Marler was also good, but not great. He messed up guys names quite alot, but his insight as a quarterback was helpful in a number of cases.

Duane Ford, who I hope is Salavantis's replacement for as long as Coach Sal is on the sidelines, was excellent in the last game. He knew the players, could talk in detail about specific plays from previous games and had some real insights.


I heard that at last week's Argo game, Andrew Grigg did the sidekick gig with Tim.

I could not get CHML on the radio inside the Rogers Centre.

How did Andrew do??

Oh now I get it !!! Andrew was doing Tim's bit :lol: :lol: :lol:


I didn't hear the broadcast since I was at the game, but listening to the postgame, they played a replay of the Fowlkes return for TD, and he was identified as Willie Quinnie instead.