CHML 5th Quarter Tonight

Does anyone know if there will be a Fifth Quarter tonight/tomorrow morning after tonight’s game?

If so - it’ll be a late one.

at the end of the last weeks show ted said there would be one after the bc game

Interesting. Maybe this week we'll hear from people who are drunk and half-asleep. That could make for some amusing moments.


Keep Lancaster with the team??

is this caller nuts!!

So long Ron thanks for your time.

Ha ha...Hamilton's finest calling in again.

Did Ted Michaels forget to turn off his microphone there? During the commercial break, I thought I heard him say "I had to cut that first guy off..."

And that first caller did sound half-asleep.


That or he had a few too many!

Or he was tired and had a few too many. I predicted that would happen, as you see in the third post here.