Chiu Retiring?

The Montreal Gazette talked about Bryan Chiu retiring! He is the rock on the team and it will be hard without him!

I read the Gazette for entertainment only. I don't believe what is said, because their wrong more often then right. I met Brian Chiu at a Alouettes Basketball game, and he was very anxious to season start.

Here is your answer (From Bryan Chiu's blog)

Hello everyone!!! It's been quite a while since I last wrote a blog. I hope everybody is doing well and is excited for the upcoming season. As for me, there is only a few hours left until I have to report to training camp. The off season has been amazing, we (my wife, son) have had the opportunity to travel to Florida, New York, Vancouver, and Hawaii. All that fun has finally come to an end. We all know what happened last year, it was an absolute dissapointment to say the least. For the last few months my wife and I have been contemplating whether it was time for me to retire. It is always a difficult decision, you have to ask yourself some tough questions: Are you really finished? Is it still fun? Are you doing it for the money? Are you still good enough? Well, after a few months of answering these questions, I have decided to return for my 12th season. I could not bear the thought of ending my career on a 3rd & 1 against Winnipeg in the Eastern semi-final. But most importantly, I could not pass up on the chance to win a Grey Cup in Montreal with our fans supporting us all the way. As training camp gets underway, there will be plenty of new players competing for one of 42 jobs, and it will be up to the coaches to find the best players that fit the team. I am excited for camp, but at the same time, I will miss my family tremendously. I hope you guys/girls are ready for a great season. Bryan #68

What site is his blog on, Chiu is my favorite player in all pro sports!

His blog

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His Website

The American center from Purdue has a good background. He should be able to step in and fill any void. A touch kid who is very athletic.

While Powell played Centre for his last two years in College he's a natural Tackle, Martino may elect to use him there and keep Chiu or Lambert at Centre. I noticed they are playing Fritz at left tackle against TO. I think that is the big test ...