Chiu retires

Montreal Centre Brian Chiu retires according to CFLdaily on Twitter

...guess TheKillerIsMe will explain it away by saying Trestman is a douche, and HfxTC will be pondering the conspiracy theories of what could be the problem in Trestmanville.... :roll:

A fixture in Montreal for so many years, all the best in your retirement Brian.

He was without doubt one of the best O-linemen in the last decade or so. Damn fine player to be sure.

Good news for all the D-lines across the league! :smiley:

Maybe being 36-37 years old and his body wearing 220 games ?

...probably, just had to say it though...

Rumour is Jesse Newman hasn't been the same since he was abducted by Aliens... They did things...

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...given his 'no explanation' stance alien abduction is certainly a possibility..

I was frankly wondering why the team has signed all those long snappers ?

Maybe drug testing has something to do with the retirements this year. Not that it necessarily has anything to do with Chiu.

Just speculating.

Fixed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see such a class act go out on top.
Fixture at centre for many years for the Alouettes, always liked him.

Gone on Vacation !

A class act on and off the field. Great role model. Another example of a hard working Canadian offensive lineman achieving excellence for a long time. Great career and best wishes for him in his future endeavours!! :rockin: :thup:

I think the baby's hungry...

...the exodus has begun...... :lol: Seriously though....Players of Chius' calibre leaving a loss to the league...Enjoy the sunny beaches Brian... :thup:

Controversial yes, trolling no. There is nothing hateful, obscene or offensive in my comment, unless of course you find speculating on the obvious offensive.

i had been suspecting the same thing. again, not with chiu, but definately seems there could be something to that.

One heck of an O-Lineman. Watched him play since his high school days. One of those guys who could play without ratio rules. A fixture on the Montreal line. Will sorely be missed.