Chiu is back

he resigned! ... lines_main

It is also on the main page here...
All I can say is....

Whoo hoo!

Awesome! The consummate professional, a total team player, and a great center.

After watching Chiu interview on RDS/RIS, I'm happy he's back, but I still want Luc Brodeur-Jourdain to crack the line-up in 2009 !

Does Chiu do the punts snaps ? If so he's gonna have to work on them because they were terrible in the last 2 games.

No, that's the long-snapper's job.

Great to see him welcome back. Everyone talked about Anthony's rebound year but Brian did just as well.

This re-adds a ton of leadership to the team. Glad he's back!

Can someone tell me who is Luc Brodeur-Jordain. Is he from Laval?