Chiu coming out of Retirement???

With Lamberts resent season ending injury, and without the Alouettes having a worthy replacement, who will replace lambert at center?? Should the Alouettes beg former Alouette Bryan Chiu to return to the gridiron? He would be the only one capable of filling in the spot, and possibly continuing their journey to the GC. the young Brodeur-Jourdain, would have an extremely difficult time filling in for Lambert, seeing as center is one of the most mental and difficult positions to play. I say, Bryan chiu should return and help out the team that has been so good to him for the past 12 years!

I don't agree...

Going back, "begging" for him to comeback, would show the lack of commitment the Als have towards the guys waiting in the wing:

Matte, Steenbergen, Bomben....even if they are on the 9 week injured list, probably just to keep them "untouchable" from other teams and can remove them from the list if needed...

Sorry but I don't want Chiu on our o-line, as much as I liked him when he was the anchor of our line, let him enjoy his retirement....he's now assistant coach at Concordia U....he went out as a Grey Cup winner and that is how I want to remember him !

I agree. Chiu is retired and we are not that desperate. We did not lose against Calgary because of the offensive line.
Brodeur-Jourdain will replace Lambert adequately. Steenbergen will come off the 1 game injury list and, on October 16,2010, Kristian Matte will come off the 9 game injury list. We also have Skip seagraves; yes,he is an import, but we have some flexibility. He will play,should/if Brodeur-Jourdain is a "liability"

I say that both Steenbergen and Seagraves will "dress' against Calgary. Banks and Vann will be the imports on "reserve". The non-imports on reserve will be Deslauriers and Morin-Soucy.


Agreed, no need for Chiu. He's the past. We have to move forward. I think we'll be fine in the long term at center, even if we suffer some short-term pain from Brodeur-Jourdain filling in for Lambert.

Les Alouettes ont besoin d'un Brian Chiu, mais pas de Brian Chiu. Chiu ne s'est pas entraîné pour jouer des parties de football professionnel, et s'il n'a pas fait la saison, c'est parce qu'entre ses deux oreilles, la volonté d'y jouer n'y était plus.

Devant l'adversité, il faut tabler avec les ressources à notre disposition. L'équipe compte un jeune joueur de centre (Luc Brodeur-Jourdain) qui peut devenir partant très bientôt, car n'oublions pas que Lambert a 35 ans. Il ne sera peut-être pas un Brian Chiu, mais je ne crois pas qu'on verra de sitôt un joueur de centre aussi doué dans la LCF. Luc Brodeur-Jourdain est un jeune qui a du talent, de l'intelligence et une très bonne attitude de travail. Laissons-lui avoir la chance de se faire valoir, car on pourrait découvrir un jeune qui en surprendra plusieurs.

En tout cas, il m'a bien étonné l'an dernier, et je crois que ce n'est pas fini.