Chip Garber lands NFL job

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Good for him, his group played well last year.

I liked Chip wish him luck

I still can't figure out why Garber was let go. His squad performed very well at times but Kropke (who they kept) and his unit were invisible all season. Also.. no offense to Kropke but as a player he was average at best. I don't have a lot of faith in his football smarts.

Congrats to him, good luck!

im in the same boat, just as suprised as any one else, our secondary i feel played extemley well considering they were our defence, every play basicaly it was "ok now we have 15 seconds to cover these guyz because our dline sucks".. lol im baffled at why kropke is still around.. :S

Have you ever heard the expression 'the coaching fraternity' fellas?

Head Coaches pick their co-ordinators
and the co-ordinators have some say

in who they would like to work with

John Kropke and Greg Marshall
have worked together before.

Apparently, Greg likes John and
he feels that he can do a good job.

Charlie Taaffe brought Chip to the CFL. Charlie is gone.

Has Chip worked with any other CFL coaches
or does Chip know any other CFL coaches?

Ergo, Kropke stays Chip goes.

This isn't a pro friendship league!

The best man should get the job regardless of friendships. Better coaching ability = better player performance. It was Garbers 1st year in the CFL and he made a mixed bag of virtually unknown DB's into a very decent secondary. Thompson was the only Ti-Cat CFL All Star and was coached by Garber. Nuff said..

yep, and krope turned nobodys into.. well nobodys, and never will be's if we dont get any big names via trade or free ageny

8) As Ron mentioned above, there is definitely an "Old Boys Club" when it come to the coaching fraternity. Kropke has not only worked with Greg Marshall before, but they are also good friends !!
 Further example, look at the Argos.  There new head coach has basically hired all assistants that he has worked with in the past (except for a couple of guys) who are holdovers from the previous regime.

 That is the way of life in the coaching fraternity, you want people you trust and have faith in to do a good job  !!

 That being said, I still think we should have retained Chip Garber here.

  But things have worked out better for him, now that he is in Washington.  Certainly financial wise for sure, plus he has worked with Jim Zorn before  !!!  (old boys club again)             <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

ya those former cfl all-stars like kropke are all so 'average' at best

He was never more than an East All Star. Sorry but I was there as a CFL fan every year he played and I was never impressed with him.

well, good thing you were never on the voting committee for eastern all-stars. you might not have been impressed with him, but obviously his peers and coaches were. i guess i'll take their word for it over yours.

I am simply talking about my view of his talent. Just because I think it doesn't make it true. In my eyes he was a lot softer than most DT and even though he did do some decent things stat-wise I simply didn't like his play style.

When you have been a Ti-Cat fan as long as I have you become a fan of all the tough hardcore defensive lineman in the teams history. Kropke although effective at times just looked soft out there and with him coaching our DL again after his crew was worst in the CFL last year I am a little concerned. He simply wasn't/isn't aggressive enough for my taste.