Chip Garber canned...

…and so the rebuild begins…at least in the coaching ranks…I wasn’t impressed with this hire to begin with …His prior tenure in the CFL was hardly anything to write home about…NOW…who comes in the door…Have Burke and Creehan been talking latley???We should see shortly if Creehan flees (or is booted) from the cats organization :wink:

Burke and Creehan have coached together on multiple teams before. No reason to think Tim wouldn't reach out to bring Casey back into the fold. Maybe not as DC, but certainly as LB coach.

I won't pay attention to Winnipeg till they get a QB. Heard a rumor of a trade in the works for Glenn.

Creehan and Burke are both from the 'rush-four' school of defensive coordinators. Winnipeg has the horses to make it work, and if the secondary can return to form, the unit will be dominant again in 2013.

Can't say that I liked the job he did with the linebackers this year so I'm not sure exactly what he brought to the table....Burke should know what kind of coaches he needs for his defence. As for the offense, there were some positives, the running game and wildcat formations with Brink and Goltz were a nice change of pace. Just have to build off it and see what happens, with or without a new QB. Burris had a career year in Hammy and it didn't help their cause. As long as you have 2 of the 3 phases working, you'll be competitive most nights.

But if you want to win a championship, you need consistency (not necessarily brilliance) in all three phases IMO. A team with no QB isn't winning anything in this league.

I have to disagree there with you on that point Pigseye. I'm not a fan of it. Take for example the last game of the season. Brink completes a couple of passes, moves the team into MTL territory, on 2nd down they bring in Goltz, cold, and the throws an incompletion killing the drives momentum and the team has to settle for a field goal. With only 2 downs to get the 10 yards before having to kick, I'm not a huge fan of seeing a cold guy off the bench for one play when the team is moving the ball well on that drive. Brink did well in MTL when Elliott started running with the ball but you can't rely on a QB to constantly run the ball either or else defenses will key on that.

Overall, as has been stated, Winnipeg's offense was pretty productive the last 4-5 games of the season, and all 3 QBs got starts in that span. It didn't matter who started, they were able to move the ball, with one of the biggest differences between the wins and losses lying largely with the turnovers. The big key was the coaching staff had started to come together and make better decisions, putting players in a better position to succeed. As long as the coaches, from Burke to Crowton to Creehan or whomever is hired as the DC, continue to build on the maturation they showed at the tail end of last year, this team can rebound quite well with a few tweaks and some consistency at QB.

...I'll agree with wolverine, that sending in a qb. cold off the bench for a play or two (except on third-down, short yardage) is a disadvantage...I wonder though, if Burke was wanting to see what his qbs. were made of, in all sets of circumstances..I think he got his answer with Goltz...We have to hang on to this guy somehow...He has the size and if given enough playing time could surprise the heck out of everyone in this league...I've fallen off the Joe E. wagon lately ,after his poor performances...Bomber management have some tough calls to make on our qbs. this off-season.. :roll: Hope they come-up with the right ones

killjoys... :lol:

So I like ground and pound football, what can I say.