Chip Garbage Calls Out Jim Barker - - Then Can't Back It Up

Not sure which is funnier - - Jim Barker getting called out for what he is, or Winnipeg giving up 52 points in the debut of new DC Chip Garbage after he ran his mouth.

[i][b]Garber came out firing at Toronto GM Jim Barker, who was the head coach at the time and was the one who sent him packing.

“I think the used car salesman that was running the whole operation … ultimately I don’t know if it was a great decision because he got fired at the end of the year, too,? Garber said Wednesday. “He fires the co-ordinator, he fires the starting quarterback (Cleo Lemon), and then he gets fired at the end of the year.? [/b][/i]

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It seems like Winnipeg has a lot of guys willing to run their mouths off in the media (or on Twitter). If Tim Burke wants to establish something positive as the new head coach, he needs to remind his team (including the coaches apparently) that maybe a 2-7 team should focus on their own game.