Chip Cox

I have a funny feeling Chip Cox is on the way out after that face-mask call late in the fourth quarter. What do you think?

Nah. Rookies make mistakes. You gotta accept those if you want to develop great players.

Cox is fast as hell, he generally execute well, and doesn't seem to be a headcase or have off-field problems. So the Als will hand on to him and groom him for the future. However, his recent mistake might have confirmed Clint Kent in the starting job on defense.

Cox needs a mentor and he will become a star.

Yeah, I'd have a hard time seeing Cox getting released for one mistake. He's too talented not to stick with the team and Matthews isn't an unreasonable man, just a tough coach. If Cox keeps taking stupid, undisciplined penalties, then he might get the boot, but he won't, because Noel Thorpe has done a terrific job coaching special teams this year.

I dont think Cox got the penalty
Play by play says if was Flory
I still have the game PVR'd and the announcer said it was Ellis

Could Flory run down the field and be the first guy to get to the returner?

That would be one freakin' fast offensive lineman, wouldn't it?

It would but I don't believe it happened during the run-back....I think it happened during the scuffle afterwards

No, it was on the runback. If you still have it PVRed check it. It happened just before the returner made a few steps backward.

Yup Cox did hit the face-mask but from the timing up the flag and the fact the never announced a number, it could have been either one