Chip Cox

He was cut by the Redskins! Lets hope no one else picks him up so he can come back!

Good news for Als fans.
The guy just got released by the redskins.
Maybe he'll be here for the begining of the season! :slight_smile:

[url]ASHBURN, Va. (June 7, 2007) -- The Washington Redskins signed veteran cornerback Jerametrius Butler.

Butler spent six years with the St. Louis Rams, but missed the 2005 season with a knee injury and played sparingly after returning last year.

Butler, a fifth-round draft pick out of Kansas State in 2001, played in 63 games with 31 starts for the Rams. His best season was 2004, when he had five interceptions and 79 tackles.

The Redskins also released defensive back Chip Cox.

I believe the Als still hold his rights so he can only come back here!

Hmm...........Estelle and Sanchez on the corners, Cox and either Kent or Boulay at HB, with Proulx or Boulay at safety......sounds like a decent secondary to me!

I agree with you, that would make for a very respectable secondary!
By the way Ro1313, I believe you are correct according to the CFL-NFL agreement. But RDS has some conflicting information about the story. RDS confirms that Cox's CFL rights still belong to the Als, but that he is free to offer his services to other NFL teams.
Here is that link:

So, is RDS wrong (it can happen).

He can play for ANYONE in the NFL but ONLY the Als in the CFL :smiley:
Kinda like Printers if he was to get cut. Gotta love the option years on CFL contracts :smiley:

Marty is correct!
He can play for any NFL team but the only CFL team is Mtl. Unless of course the Als cut him. That is exactly what RDS is saying!

Bad news for Cox, great news for us. I am liking the way our secondary is shaping up this year. Much more athletic and speedy, lacking in experience, yes, but at least we don't have useless Darrell Crutchfield taking pass interference penalties every other play or Karikari missing tackles left, right, and centre.

im not understanding this quote by cox:

I want to play at the world's highest level, the NFL. I'm just not going to play at that level. There might be some politics, but the best play in the CFL.

so which is it?...the best play in the CFL or the NFL is the highest level? can one make those statments in teh same breath?

He has a future in politics after his football days are over, with that kind of eloquence......

I recall Cox picking up a BC fumble in the Grey Cup game and, but for a too quick call by the ref., Cox would have been in the end zone. Cox is a big play man who hopefully will be with the Als in time for the opener.

Don't forget Herb makes up a lot of stuff as he goes along and prob got confused.

Chip improves Montreal's defense instantly.

He's a great DB and tailor made for this league. He'll get it someday.