Chip Cox-Who Da Man?

Been marveling at this guy for years.

And he only got "AWESOMER" when Popp put him at linebacker.
Now some genius has figured out his skills might make a nice addition as kick returner.
So....a little tribute to Chip Cox's latest work (against the Riders):

Great job with the cutups!!

Just loved seeing "Mad Dog" Dressler getting thrown down...
Somebody cover that guy!!!

Cox est un grand joueur, et il n'a pas fini de nous en faire voir de toutes les couleurs.

Il n'était pas content de se retrouver secondeur, mais je crois qu'il ne changerait plus de place, maintenant.

Vas-y Chip!

Cox est un grand joueur, et il n'a pas fini de nous en faire voir de toutes les couleurs.
Right on LeStaf!

For the second time in three weeks, Chip Cox wins Defensive Player of the Week!!!

Quel athlète dominant!

Il va coûter cher, mais il le vaut!

Vas-y encore, Chip!

S.A.M.- thanks for putting Cox's exploits on one video. The video represents how one excellent player can play a big role in dominating a football game.

From this RDS news, he currently is in his option year....already making 100 K....cost will probably go to 125 K come FA time in Feb 2011.....

What a beast at SAM linebacker. He was ineffective for years as a DB because pass coverage is not his strong suit and the position rarely allowed him to use his physicality, tackling prowess, and closing speed in positive ways. As a DB, if you're tackling a receiver, chances are he's made his catch and you were beaten on the play. Conversely, as a linebacker, Cox can roam the LOS like a hungry wolf and go into Predator 'target acquisition' mode to identify and bury the ball-carrier.

Definitely someone Popp has to re-sign in the offseason.

That 2008 RDS article mentions that Perrett had signed a contract at the same time. Anyone know how long? Does it expire after the 2010 season? Given Perrett's struggles this season, he might have picked the wrong time to enter a contract year.

On January 18,2010 John Bowman signed a two year contract plus an option; at the same date, John Perrett extended his contract through the 2012 season. Ref: Als news and transactions.


Thanks Richard.


we have a contract topic on GoAlsGo:

Als Players/Contract Info

We try to keep it up-to-date each month...

Always have loved this guy.
I think he's the best defensive player the Als have had since Barron Miles.

The rest of the world is starting to notice that we have a game-breaker in Chip Cox:

Nice one....missed that vid!!!!

A Little Wiki:

As a player for the Ohio Bobcats, Cox recorded 240 career tackles (176 solo), nine tackles for losses, five sacks, four interceptions, 29 passes defended, seven forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries and three blocked field goals. He holds the Ohio school record for the 40 yard dash (4.37 seconds), and started every game his sophomore and junior years, but battled injuries as a senior, only playing in nine games. He was also a member of the Ohio Bobcats track and field team, where he was a premiere sprinter and placed sixth in the 100 meter dash at the 2004 Mid-American Conference championships.
Fast. FAST!!!

I guess I should retract my assertion (hope) that he run back punts. He's invaluable on coverage on the "teams" and as the SAM linebacker not only tackles etc but is on coverage duty. Just how thin could we spread the guy?

Could cloning be the answer?

Just to keep him will be hard enough...

According to this information, it looks like Chip Cox has been forced into retirement. Johnny wants to thank Chip for his brilliant career! Chip is headed to the HOF! :slight_smile:

(Maybe this deserves a whole new thread)


And yes a thread all into itself.