Chip Cox signs with Redskins

Its a big loss for the Als if you ask me

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Defensive back Chip Cox signed a contract with the NFL's Washington Redskins. In his CFL rookie season in 2006, Cox made 40 tackles and was named CFL PLayer of the Week after his first career game with a two-interception performance. He finished the year with three picks for 54 yards. He will be attending the Redskins' 2007 training camp.

"We want to thank Chip for an excellent rookie season and wish him the best of luck in the NFL," said Vice-President, General Manager and Head Coach Jim Popp.

Meh. He had a great debut against Winnipeg in the season opener but didn't seem to do too much after that. A loss for sure, but not a big one IMO.

Dont forget he got on the Don's bad side somehow or another and was benched for a while. I think he would have had very impressive numbers had he played 18 games

3 interceptions 2 fumble recovery(I don't think they are counting the GC) and I do believe he recovered an onside punt as well.

Isn't the new Option year deal so wonderful for the CFL teams! It gives players like Cox the ability to leave after one season, and the NFL can sign our players under contract, for nothing in return!! Wow, are we good negotiators or what!!! :roll:

Invader don't be so selfish. I would say every American fooall player dreams of playing in the NFL and if they have to go tough the CFL first, theyre probably gonna do it. Remember, these players are people too.

On the other hand, if Cox gets cut in training camp we'll be happy to have him back! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that makes at least two CFLer's to go to the redskins, Chris Wilson , DE for the World Champion BC Lions , also was signed by them . champions?!?.......

Yes I like that World Champion sound coming from our side for a change.

Why not?

I like Chip Cox hopefully he will catch on with the Skins. Big, big loss for the Al's.

Aw comon Red, little toungue and cheek humour there from our side of the border. Id do the same thing when your Stamps win, just to tick off the NFL World Champions! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Sounds good to me!

Too bad. I really like Chip Cox. Hopefully, someone else can step it up next year.

Clint Kent should fill Cox's spot just fine.

I wish Cox all the luck in the world. Had he gone to a higher profile school than the University of Ohio, he would have been drafted with his speed and ability, so it's nice that he's getting his shot while he's still young enough to take advantage of it.

who is this guy? the cfl has too many no-name players.

They are not no-names to CFL fans who watch all the games truwarier. Do you watch just about all the games like many of us do?

Oh, come on. If Wright and the BOG had any spine, they'd have at least tried to negotiate some form of compensation for CFL teams that lose option-year players to the NFL. I like to see players pursue their dreams as much as anyone, but the least the NFL could do is offer cash in return. A contract is a contract ... except in the CFL. It's pathetic and just makes us look desperate to win American approval, regardless of the impact on our league.

I see your point discipline but in reality we are desparate to win American approval because if they wanted to, and they don't but if they did, the NFL could wipe out the CFL in a second with putting teams in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, etc. if they had NFL stadiums and owners.
Not that the CFL should be just a pushover but the last league we want to make enemies with is the NFL.

Earl, the NFL does not care about the CFL enough to even think about wiping us out. You think they give a damn about the CFL option-year players who try out for their teams? I believe Pat Woodcock, when he came back to the CFL after trying out with the Redskins, said that NFL teams treat CFL players like pick-up guys off the street. Total lack of respect. And 90% of our guys don't stick with NFL teams anyway, and when they do, it's as a fourth-string QB, 6th receiver, etc. The NFL doesn't care. They have such a wide deep pool of recruits to choose from anyway, and each NFL team is probably worth more than the whole CFL combined, so it would be a drop in the bucket for them to give us cash for an option-year player.