Chip Cox signed!

Just 5 weeks from free agency, Chip Cox has happily locked himself up with the Als with a new longterm deal.

In a CJAD exclusive interview, Cox admits there was no other CFL option he even wanted to explore.

CJAD Sports has learned the deal is for 4 years (3 plus an option year). Cox will be 28 before the 2011 regular season kicks off.

The first teammates he contacted to share the good news? Fellow defensive players Marc Estelle and Billy Parker, as well as former Alouette Davis Sanchez.

"it's not so much about winning another Grey's a family environment there for me," says the 5-year Als' veteran. "I'm comfortable there, I just want to get better like I try every year, so why wouldn't I want to go back there?"

Best defensive player in the league last season IMO.

Congrats Chip !


Ce sont les autres équipes qui vont être déçues... :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent news! Nice lengthy contract: good for him, good for us. I'm very happy to have the league's best linebacker (yes, I said it) terrorizing offenses for years to come. :rockin:

I hope we can still resign Calvillo (duh) Cobourne, Green, Brown and Guzman. The rest can walk.

Great news; I am confident that most of our potemtial free agents will be signed.


TSN also reporting that Bekasiak has re-upped on a three-year deal. :rockin:

J.P. Bekasiak also re-signed. I hope this serves as an incentive to get our D-team back essentially intact. I hope for the same for our O-team. C'mon Jim, get our boys back!

Prechae Rodriguez (6'6") has signed with the Als. He definitely showed some signs of brilliance with the Ticats. Might be a good hedge just in case we lose Green. Rodrioguez has had some injury problems, though. Hope to hear more good news in the coming days and weeks. Claude Harriott, DE, has also signed.

P-Rod may be a good pick up if they can successfully perform a heart transplant on him over the winter.

He was dreadful to watch is Sask last year (while they kept him around).

On a déjà entendu ça de Jamel Richardson... Il est donc permis d'espérer. Il a un défaut méconnu : il n'est pas canadien.