Chip Cox Replaced in Line-up?

I've read a few articles today that implied Cox was not going to play on defence tonight. What gives?

Kent's a good player, but I thought Cox's ball-hawking would've kept him on the field.

According to the position chart on the Als website, Cox is the starter for tonight's game.

Cox was punished for trying too hard to make the big play against Hamilton (the 41-38 last minute victory). Instead of covering his guys, he was always going for the ball, and thus gave out huge yardage.

Make a mistake and the Don sits you. Did the same to's not a bad idea, challenging your players and making them accountable.

Now why in the world don't they do it to Watkins?

...Wilson...Anderson...just to name a few..

I think Kent did pretty well in replacement of Cox. This guy seem to hit hard.

I'm sure we'll see Cox again. He's too talented not to get a starting spot in the secondary at some point. Hell, I'd play him over Darrell Crutchfield anyday.

So would I.

MadJack, I believe they don't punish Watkins the same way because Calvillo specifically demands that he be in the lineup.

Which, of course, begs the question.....

Why does AC demand that Watkins be in the lineup??

What is it with A.C. favouring receivers who don't seem to deserve it? First he requests the team keeps O'Neill Wilson for reasons beyond my comprehension, and now he's protecting Kerry Dropkins? Weird.