Chip Cox Player of the week?

Just to add insult to injury.
He gets player of the week for pass interference!!
I know,even I’m whining now. :cry:

Makes sense. Gets the award from what he does best.

Personally, I would have given it to official in the end zone on the Williams vs. Williams play. You know, the one who won the game for Montreal. (Was it the same one who ignored the interference on the two-point conversion?)

Don't even get me started.

What? No congrats to your favourite player? :wink:

Does hoping he gets abducted by aliens count as congrats? :lol:

Complete with the subsequent probing, I'm guessing. Sounds like the correct reward for the total pain in the butt that he is. :thup:

i hate that f'n guy

When is the CFL coming out with the "Clutch, Grab and Hold Player of the Week" honors?

Perhaps Higgins can present the award personally.

Hey I like that one!
We also need referee awards.
Such as the "Don't make that call on Montreal,you know what happened to the last guy award!"
Or "The award for keeping a penalty flag in your pocket the longest.
Of course this goes hand and hand with keeping a penalty flag in your pocket for the shortest time between plays.
Don't forget the group award for the officiating crew that throws the most flags in a game.
I know these are pretty lame.
Come on gang there must be better ones than I can come with!! :cowboy: