Chip Cox asks for raise

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Boy the Als sure can pick'em, Bell, Karikari, Cox, who's next Payton ?

He is worth it. Dude is always around the ball. I remember when he single handedly beat Winnipeg in the opener last year, and that was because they ruled a hit he made not a fumble. If they had ruled it a fumble, he would have single handedly blown Winnipeg out. He is a playmaker. I was really surprised tha he wasn't making 6 figures. I think he is probably their best DB.

If I were Popp, I'd pay to keep Cox around. He's easily one of the best DBs in the league and he brings a swagger and arrogance that our secondary has lacked over the past few years.

Chip Cox is IMHO one of the best in the biz and probably does deserve a raise

If he doesnt get paid there, the Riders should some how get him and pay him!!! Dude is a great DB.