Chip Cox 107 yard fumble return for TD

Wow! What a play. Is that a record? How many times has a ball been stripped that close to the end zone, and run back the other way for a TD?

107 yards, I would think that is at least top 5 in that category.

Not sure this deserves a whole thread…

But I’m glad to second

Great play by Chip…second in the game
He’s got a nose for the pigskin
No denying that!!!

Omar Morgan 108 Yds. Saskatchewan - 2009 vs Winnipeg

Exciting play but Chip's only credit is standng where he was , I swear the ball jumped in his hands like a scared puppy and he had no one between him and the end zone.... No one was ever going to catch him. LOL

[quote="Senior Ah Me"]Not sure this deserves a whole thread...

Senior, oh please...

You raved about Chip Cox last season, so you like the player. You also have no trouble expressing your opinion. I respect that. Most of the time I think you are on track (even if I don't say so). So don't subtly disparage me for giving kudos to Cox.

I also think my question was a good one. Not everyone has a CFL record book in hand. And, a Google search of CFL records will not always get the right information (I know, because I tried it many times...).

I'm impressed Owens got even 10 feet near him, haha. I think it was a nice way to finish the game. :wink:

Although I do feel a -little- bad for Kackert. Not fun for that to happen in your first game.

That's cause Chip slowed down :slight_smile:

Same thing happened to Arkee Withlock in his first game against Montreal... builds character :lol:

Not at all
I'm sorry for that (a bit drunk)
I just thought "a whole thread for 1 play?"

But it's all good
Chip Cox is one of my favourite players
Didn't mean to disparage

And they mentioned something about a record on TSN...
But I wasn't really paying attention

The credit
As far as Cox goes
Is that he always seems to be there
When there's a ball up for grabs
It's uncanny

You have to be good to be lucky
And if you're great
You're Chip Cox

Ferri deserves the credit for punching the ball out. I'm not a huge Ferri fan but he showed something tonight. Finally.

Exactly what I wrote, credit for being where he was... I like Chip. IMO he's by far the best OLB in the league. They gave it to Knowlton but Knowlton can't cover lke Chip Cox, he's nowhere near as fast. and tackling wise they are about the same. Knowlton's stats are a little better because the Cats defense is on the field a whole lot more than the Als.

Oh and according to Herb
The play ties the record at 108 yards...a record set by Omarr Morgan

Kudos is due to Cox for his play as it was just a couple days ago he and his LB teammates were gettting heat for their lack of play in the first two games. Cox stepped up big time in this game!

If it is a 108 yard return, then it is as much record as possible for fumble recovery. I can not imagine a fumble recovery from the 1-yard line. As for turnover return for TD, I believe someone had 128 yard return for TD, but it was an interception at the back of the end zone.

Neil Beaumont - B.C. 120 yards - 1963 vs Sask.