Chima Resigned

Didnt think we would see him again, thought he would follow Mike Sinclair to Sask., but hes obviously no longer there.

I considered Chima to be a classic underachiever, but in the press release Popp seems to blame that on injuries.

Now how about Perrett!

I am surprised.

I still say that Jeff Perrett has re-signed or will; I don't worry,yet.


I dont post often... about a month ago i wrote Anderson would not be back with All's...i do not claim to have insider information yet if i did i would not say i do....................
Perrett is asking for a big chunck of is asking price the All's have to consider if he's worth it....
Lets hope they can meet somewhere ($$$) and put paper to pen...

i think the situation with Dwight and Jeff is they are both player in their prime who play a position in high demand and both are looking to be going into FA as the only elite players at their position. Jim may feel he has a player ready to step in for Jeff in Matte and got Byron Parker as insurance in the event Dwight leaves.

I'd especially hate to lose Jeff but if he can score 190k in Calgary or Edmonton and be close to home then it become difficult for Jim to match, even more difficult with the fiscal advantages of Alberta and no GC appearance in 3 years. Its unusual for a player of Jeff's importance to still be out there this late in to the off season. I'm not expecting that we can retain him if he's looking for a dollar for dollar offer.

In Dwight's case, if I was him I'd be careful just looking at the dollars and weight things like coaching and stability more but that's just me. I think Dwight's decision to stay or leave will be a good indication of what most of our players on defense think of our chances and coaching situation. I hope he stays as well.

Dwight does not come across as a person who is going to worry to much about the coaching and stability rather how much money he can make.

I thought Ola did quite well replacing Perrett in injury relief last season. I'd be comfortable with him at right tackle, though it would mean a ratio change and almost certainly force us to start a non-import at safety.

....Bombers are going after Perrett HARD....Maybe the leos as well??...You know that Richard....Better get his name on the dotted line quick :smiley:

for the Als sake, hope Richard is right that Perret will re sign. However, one would have thought a deal would have been done by now given it's the end of January and 3 weeks away from FA day.

A couple of years ago we had some free agents go right to the last day before free agency before they re-signed with us. Not guaranteeing that Perrett will re-up, but not going to rule it out just because we're in late January.

let's hope. Maybe the coaching situation over the past few weeks has something to do with his situation as well.

Je ne vois pas pourquoi Popp a renouvelé le contrat d'Ihekwoaba, sinon qu'il ne voit pas comment il va pouvoir respecter le ratio sans sa présence, celle de Pall et d'Adebayo. Si on peut toujours avoir un canadien dans la rotation de la ligne défensive, ça libère une place pour Ola sur la ligne offensive.

Également, il y a Matte qui m'a impressionné l'an dernier et qui sait si Barrette n'est pas prêt aussi à s'impliquer davantage.

Je crois qu'on aura encore une des meilleurs lignes offensives de la ligue, même si Perrett devait partir.

I assume you mean "will be going HARD". If you have knowledge otherwise please share it with Jim Poop, a couple of teams losing 1st round picks would help Als.