Chima Ihekwoaba signs with the Als

Les Alouettes de Montréal ont annoncé mercredi l'embauche de l'ailier défensif canadien, Chima Ihekwoaba.

L'athlète de 6 pi 4 po, 255 lbs, se joint aux Alouettes après avoir participé au camp d'entraînement des Lions de Detroit. Il a été repêché en deuxième ronde, 14e au total, par les Alouettes lors du dernier repêchage canadien de la LCF.

Âgé de 24 ans, Ihekwoaba a réussi 17 plaqués et trois sacs au cours de ses deux dernières saisons avec les Golden Hawks de l'Université Wilfrid- Laurier et a participé au Défi Est-Ouest en 2008.

As I noted in another post, this is a good signing! C I lasted to the final NFL cuts and, will bring some talent to our defensive line. Most of the CIS grads who go to the NFL get cut fairly early- he must have talent and, defensive end is an area which the Als really need to acquire some young talent. Chima is 24. He will have an opportunity to learn from Anwar and, eventually replace him. Popp and company had a real good Canadian Draft this year. We are bringing some nice youth to both our offensive and defensive line. This creates some good options for the team including having potential trading options should the need arise. With respect to the offensive line, our one missing piece is youth at center. As noted Picard could be available next year. Wow, the youth we have on the line, the emergence of Adrian McPh- the future has never looked so good for this team!

My approach to defense is pretty much like the way I approach French. I do my best to understand it, in a pinch can speak it....but I'm not exactly fluent. That's why I was sad to see the injury to Bekasiak. the Alouettes D-Line was noticeably improved with him in the rotation...well I noticed him anyways. Sort of why I was confused by the release of Campbell at the beginning of the season....he'd worked HARD to lose weight in the off-season and then "poof"...gone.

The Alouettes are going to need to bring PRESSURE to beat the Eskimos this week.
Let's hope we have the "beef" to get the job done!

Chima is 21 and not 24. Born in November 1988. Another error by the Als. They have the right date of birth,but they write 24 instead of 21.

He was not amongst the final cuts-down to 53- but rather the previous cuts where teams had to reduce to 75 players. He nevertheless should be good,but I don't expect that he will remain with the Als beyond 2011 or 2012.


Good prospect but a little undersized for the interior of the line. We'll see what he can bring to the D-line this season. He'll be fresh coming into the season and should be a great rotation guy because of his youth and energy.

Als have not divulged the duration of the contract, I'm with Richard, I don't know that this guy will be with the Als very long. When coach say he has "the physical tools" that always raises a flag with me.

Good luck to him, hope he achieves as much success as he puts in.

Now that his age is noted as 21 [ not 24 ] I would think that Chima would be able to bulk add weight and muscle. The Als had him as their 2nd selection. AS second choice surely the team tagged him as very competent and, in time, saw him as a definite prospect.

The latest edition of Canadian university top 2011 prospects, found in CFL.CA, lists one that might be a possible pick for the Als next Spring. The listing rates Moe Petrus, now playing with Connecticut as the 4th rated player. He is a homebrew NCAA trained centre- this position is a very large area of concern for the team.

On the Als site-Roster- the date of birth of Chima Ihekwoaba has been changed/ now reads: 16-07-1986 and no longer 03-11-1988. He is therefore 24 years old.


Now that he is 24 again maybe he will take a little longer to bulk up!