Chiles is toast

Sask. Roughriders ?@sskroughriders 4m4 minutes ago
#Riders Roster Update:

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have released WR, John Chiles. #CFL

I seem to recall he also got a signing bonus too. Why does that not surprise me. So now with all totaled I think its something like 141k with the penalty we incurred . Where are we going? Higher!! Oops actually I think its a touch higher now with Chiles . 171 k ? Whatever I’m sure we will easily reach the magic 200 k mark before long.

I am questioning if this revolves around his family situation...much like his "suspension"

With the play of Collins it was iffy of keeping Chiles IMO, and Holley looks like he could be something special as well and more of a direct replacement, so I honestly don't hate this.

I don't think he had a signing bonus...or if he did I think it was nominal....I could be wrong. With the way the younger cheaper guys have played I don't really mind this actually...tough to complain about what they have brought to the table in that area. What Chiles brought was a bigger body that know how to block out his area on critical downs...IMO they have that in Holley now. If the team was maybe keep as is.

I am half hoping Chambers is next.

Chambers should of never made the team!!

I have no issue with cutting him, the issue I have is I heard he also got a signing bonus and it was also 30k. Not sure on that though but if it is true i'm getting sick of us just throwing good money after bad.

Yes cut these players that are not contributing and yes Chambers and Lawrence should also go. Neither of them have done squat to improve the team.

even if that is the is still fine imo. I am assuming he was in that 120-140 130. that means they just moved available 72k in SMS availability based on remaining they get to keep playing one of the younger guys who have been playing well at essentially no hit

I like Chiles and would have been just as happy with him staying...I think he is playing a much smaller role than originally anticipated though because a couple of the new guys have picked things up pretty fast. I think it is fair to say the plans for Chiles would have been worth paying a few bucks up front to sign him...when people step up and win a job like the case here...and for less still...that's great