Childs or Cates?

Should the Riders feature a single RB or is the split duty a good thing? I like both these guys but I can't help but wonder if each guy would excel if given the majority of the reps instead of sharing the ball.
Who is the #1 back anyway?

I still dont think there is a clear cut starter yet.

All i know is.....bring back Szarka!! Its good to see him get more touches, but he still needs to be given the ball more. The article on the main page siad he had 103 touches in 2002, then it went down to 23 last year, like what is that? He is probably one of the best short down backs. Not only that, how many of your guys realize the atmostphere at Taylor Field go through the roof whenever Szarka touches the ball?

If I had to pick between Henri Childs and Wes Cates, I'd take Wes Cates.

I think i'd take Cates as well.

From what I've seen of Cates and Childs so far, I'd take Shemar Bracey...
Not really fair though to assess either back when they simply have not been used yet.

I think the platoon system will continue...possibly all year.

As the season progresses we will start to see one of them begin to get more and more carries. For the next couple games they will continue to job share for most of the time.

Exactly Arius. Also, we have to consider the O-line has not exactly been healthy so far.

unfortuantly, Bracy will never start because he is not the All-Purpose back that Kent Austin likes to have in the backfield. It is sad, i know, because i, like many other fans, liked Bracy as our running back.

I guess the thing is, how do we know if Bracey is an all purpose back?
We don't really know if the other two guys are either at this point.
4 running plays last game. 4!!
Kent really needs to wake up on this issue!

And before I get badmouthed--yes, I am daring to criticise the great Kent Austin when he does something he shouldn't....
If we don't run the ball against Edmonton, we could find ourselves at 2-3.

I agree we have to re-establish a running game. But I think it's unfair to criticise for 4 running plays. Of course that's too low, but they had to abandon a running game after falling behind. Also they found themselves in 2nd and long all night long (because they didn't have a successful running game). Those are conditions where you have to pass.

Yes I agree, there needs to be more of a running game. But in all fairness, when you are down that quick, there needs to be more passing as well. 4 Rushes is unacceptable, but at the same time, you couldnt expect them to rush 15,20 they way they were down so quickly.

K neither one of these backs have really proven anything. And why do you need two all purpose backs on the game day roster? Bracey from what i saw last year was a better runner than both. I agree that they need to start running the ball more. The great Kent Austin will learn this fast like the other quarterback who refused to run, Matt Dunnigan, found out when his job was taken away.

Bracey is poor catching the ball out of the backfield, which is why he's not playing right now.

taking nothing away from childs. I like him, hes a great swing back, can make cuts and guys miss. I just preffer Cates as an all around back. As i believe Wes gives us more of a ground assult.

Yes we neeed more diversity in our playcall… Even when falling behind to just keep the dbs honest.

After this game it's easily Cates. The fact that Childs also dropped an easy first down pass in the 3rd quarter probably solidifies his exit.

and the fact that Cates had a pretty good night. Remember the 77 yarder brought back because of a pretty close off side call?

Dont remind me


what a great trade.


Runs stronger to the hole (except the running plays this past game..not exactly designed as quick hitters, Austin must change that).
Blocks much better than Childs!! (this is huge as you have a 6th offensive lineman and not to mention maintain a healthy quarterback from unhealthy blindside hits)
Catches better.
Better all round back than Childs has shown.

Childs has better hands that Cates, but I think that Cates is a better allround player, I have yet to see Childs hit the hole with any sort of authority, kind of pussy foots arround in the backfeild wich is a death scentence as a RB