Childs is FINALLY in the lineup!

he will be taking the roster spot of the injured dan goodspeed..and will be used in 5 and 6 receiver sets..and maybe some double backs

i cant wait to see what he will bring to the offence...i think we should give the ball to childs on short yardage situations (regimbald just SUCKS at it)cuz we cant let regimbald go cuz hes canadian..he is a good blocker tho, and thats what we have to use him as

but here hoping that childs has a great game, and shows the rest of the teams around the league that there will be another weapon on this bomber team! :rockin:

Yup I've been looking forward to his return. If Roberts is struggling at all during games we could use him at times I think he is that good. Looks like he will play some slotback on thursday.

Damn, I work till 11. I hope I can catch the tailend of the game.

i have an idea for you...while your at work, tape the game at home, and dont listen to it at work, or have anyone tell you whats happening..then when you get home, wait till about 12:15 to make sure the game is over to start watching so you get to watch the whole thing in its entirty

i no itll be late, but im sure ud find the time to sleep lol..ive done this once before..but sometines the urge to ask someone what the score is gets to you, and you cant take it anymore..good luck

...i'm looking forward to seeing what Childs can do when the
'real' show is on....he's only been impressive at t.c....and pre-season...i'm pretty sure he's over the injury and if he's operating at 100%...this gives us a whole new dimension to work with...I don't know if the 2 back system will work anymore...but i'd like to see it run ...with Roberts and Childs in the backfield...anything is worth a far as punt returns....maybe Henri should get a shot we haven't been too successful at that part of the game this year so far....but then again ...i don't think anyone in the league has... :roll:

I hope he gets some playing time, he could be a spark for the offense

Good idea, I will tape it.
Somehow I just know I'll hear the score at work, ah well, I'll watch it anyway.