Chiefs to cut Printers

According to the radio station CKNW in Vancouver, Printers will be among the victims when the Chiefs make their final cut by Saturday, but if he goes unclaimed on the 24-hour waiver wire the Chiefs will add him to their practice roster.

sorry man...mcmahon got the story yesterday...i guess his sources (i mean, his mouse trigger) was a little quicker than yours

Interesting news, Back_In_Black. Also, Printers did not play in the Chiefs’ final pre-season game and the depth chart on the team website lists him as the fourth string quarterback.

The Kansas City Chiefs’ website reports that Casey Printers has been released. They should announce within the next day or so whether they are signing him to the practice squad.

I really hope he comes back north, I think he wants to play

Normaly as a #3 QB which Printers would be in BC you dont have much chance to play. However Dickenson is injury prone so he would be backing up Pierce alot of the time. So if there was a time Pierce also got injured he might get to play. He would never get to play in the NFL.