Chief's Favourite Coach Heading For Regina?

Rod Pederson is reporting in his blog that Chief's all-time favourite coach, Jim Daley, is a candidate for the Rider's ST coach position.

I can't tell you how hard I laughed at this news! :lol: Good thing he'll be limited to just ST. You've my sympathy Riders fans...

No sympathy needed Chief and save the chuckles.
Jim Daley would be replacing Kavis Reed......We're the one's laughing.

First Reed, now Daley... Why even have a ST coach? :lol:

Rider fans are being punished. :lol:

Can Daley count up to 12 ?

If he can, that's already an "upgrade"... :stuck_out_tongue:

Jee, Daley seemed to be pretty successful the first time he was in Saskatchewan as the DC.. so I don't know what you guys are laughing about. seeing as how little you know about it.

Maybe he was good years ago... but judging from what he did in Edmonton last season, I'd say he's going a bit senile. :wink:

And its onset began when he was HC in Winnipeg.

The game has passed Daley by. It happens to everyone (just look at poor old Don Matthews's last stint in the CFL -- it was painful).

Daley may have been a good football man a decade ago, but he was no more than mediocre as Winnipeg's HC and an absolute failure as DC last season in Edmonton.

The irony in this statement is hilarious.

As a Rider fane, i can say i am NOT excited about Daley showing up.

He's only the special teams coach. Big deal.

And really, can our special teams be worse than they were last season?

Yeah, on ST, I don't think he even really needs to be involved that much, he gets his play, yells out, apprently makes a count of some sort :lol: , and wipes his brow and takes a shot of gatorade. Perfect job for a guy winding it all up.

You forgot clapping when the kicker makes the field goal, and high-fiving the returner if he busts one.