Chiefs cut Printers

And he refused a spot on the practice squad.
Who of BC, Hamilton, Toronto gets him?

Cue RLR in

How many QBs would that make for them now...

"How many quarterbacks does it take the BC Lions to get through a season?" :stuck_out_tongue:

Has RLR signed him up yet?

OMG...this is the greatest news of the year!!!!

ticats grab him and dump that bum, maas...

thats my guess.

scratch that..

then again...printers would want to play for a contender, so he wont sign there....

since DD is retired ( as good as retired ), maybe he goes back home to vancouver???

thats my guess...

argos COULDA signed him had they not just picked up bo, and if they cut avery....are they REALLY that satisfied with Bishop????

Bishop looks good, but when u have the chance to sign Printers, how good does Bishop look now?

then again…Burris hasnt looked very sharp this year, and i think calgary fans have soured on the smiling one…

in other words…i have NO CLUE, where Printers wil end up…LOL

lol - three in a row drumkit? You seem excited over this…:lol:

just a

I am not surprised, and I dont want him, in BC or Toronto, that is.

BC Needs him.

nahh, BC dont need him. Buck be better soon, and JJ will get the job done, with a whole lot of help from Smith and the D.

I think the Cats will make a large pitch to get him.
My Argos are fine with Bish.

I wouldn’t be so quick to sign Casey Printers.

The guy hasn’t played for basically two years. His last year in the CFL he didn’t play much either.

He had the one good year, and then has done squat ever since.

I think Casey might have been a one season wonder. He may not be the saviour people think he is.

Hamilton is about the only team Printers could step in and start. Other teams would not want to upset their chemistry by changing starting QB's at this time.

All the starting QB's are playing well and have 2 to 1 td over int ratios, except Maas.

Toronto has Bishop already signed longterm and offers a similar skillset. Mtl could be interested due to an aging Cavillo. Wpg & Sask in first place think their QB's are all-world. Edm is set on Ray. Burris has regenerated his stature in Cal with his performance vs BC, the Stamps could be interested in Printers. BC has Dickenson and Pierce signed longterm. If Dave is forced to retire, the mantle is passed to Buck.

There are some rumours that Casey has already signed a CFL deal with the Argos, signed months ago, which would come into effect if he is released by the NFL. But this makes no sense if Bishop is signed also?

So Ham, Mtl and Cal possibly in the Casey hunt, with outside interest from BC, Wpg, Sask & Tor...say, $2M over 4 yrs??

there's no guarantee he's coming back gentlemen!

he might look at other teams in the NFL first.. before coming back.

and there's no guarantee that anyone in the CFL will pick him up either!

Printers the cfl is taylored made from for and you had great success and the leaque and fans respected you and appreciated you more. I believe more players should stay in the CFL and not go down. I hope your listening Jesse. The NFL is not the end all. Their game is easy and boring with their little feather of a ball that a ten year old can throw and their little tiny 4 yard passes in the end zones. It`s all hype and anyone can get a first down in 4 trys. If the NFL ran ther ball 4 times they would get a first down every time so they really have to throw a down away to make the game work, even Futie said that or not play the game by using the 45 second clock to win.

Printers your better from up here in CANADA in the CFL were you can show case your talents and play and lead your team to a Grey Cup.



I can't belive he got cut, had a decent pre-season too. Other NFL teams must be interested, even for a 3rd stringer.

I'm sure the Argos would have loved both with all the injuries this year, or any year for that matter. Printers, Bishop, and now Butler would be a good trio.
Levingston and soon Avery, McUseless will be gone to free up some $ if needed.

You named all but one team, LOL. Who is really going to pay Printer's commanding salary? Tor, B.C. are obvious choices, but are at their spending limits. Hamilton's owner must decide to unload his deep pockets for this kinda contract. If he's coming, it's Ontario in my prediction.

I hear Casey Printers was released by KC.

Does anyone know his CFL status? I think the Lions still own his rights.

I thought he was a good QB BUT a disruptive influence. Not a team player.