Chief Wahoo in Ontario/Canada

I think my right to respect indigenous peoples are being violated. Chief Wahoo is awesome.

This made national news a few weeks ago: a First Nations man complained that he was being followed every time he entered a business (in Saskatchewan). He captured this incident on his phone and he gets in view a few times. He is wearing a Cleveland Indians hat with only the Chief Wahoo charicature. Of course no one points this out. It's hard to take this stuff seriously!

Remember that nopa, think it was in a Giant Tiger but not sure, would have to look it up. But yeah, in some cases no question it's hard to take seriously and this case is probably one of these.

Chief Wahoo used to look like Al Pacino.

Yes, it was in a Giant Tiger. Never really understood this case. The security guards job is to watch anything suspicious. And he gets canned for it.

That is never discussed, all we hear about is who was being followed, never the reason why.

I thought this thread was about former New York Jet turned pro wrestler Chief Wahoo Mcdaniel

Looks like a proud and very tough FN man to me. I wonder if Chief Wahoo McDaniel knew he was offending himself and being racist towards his people when he started his successful wrestling career? Lol.

Or do we conveniently ignore this?

Blinders, happens everywhere, all the time. :wink: