Chief, I think the Ralph trade talks are history!

From the Sun:

Of the four players who came over from Edmonton with Mike Kelly last winter, only one remains.

Fred Perry, Stefan LeFors and Siddeeq Shabazz are all gone, but Canadian receiver Brock Ralph continues to wear Blue and Gold. And Ralph isn’t just here; the brass is expecting big things out of the Raymond, Alta., product.

In fact, head man Paul LaPolice said there’s no reason why Ralph can’t be a 1,000-yard receiver this season.

“We’re hoping he has the best year of his career,? LaPolice said. “We’re going to try to put him in a position to be successful.

“… He could be somebody who really has a deep threat ability for us.?

In other words, Ralph doesn’t have to be nervous that he’s missing Sunday’s pre-season in finale against Hamilton with a minor knee problem.

He can start gearing up for the July 2 season- and home-opener against the Tiger-Cats knowing the coaching staff is behind him.

“When I talked to them this off-season they said I was a part of their plans, but I’ve been anxious for a new opportunity and trying to prove myself all over again,? Ralph said Friday. “And for me that’s been the story of my career. I’ve had eight head coaches in eight years, so you never can get too comfortable when those are the circumstances.?

Ralph goes way back with LaPolice and offensive co-ordinator Jamie Barresi, as the three spent five games together with the Tiger-Cats at the end of the 2005 season.

LaPolice and Barresi were let go at the end of the campaign, but they meet again five years later in the small world that is the CFL.

It’s all gravy for Ralph, who is a month away from his 30th birthday. He gets a contemporary CFL offence to work in, he has history with the head coach and offensive co-ordinator, he has a proven quarterback in Buck Pierce throwing balls to him, and he’s had a year to find his place in the Bomber locker-room.

“It’s a year where some of the baggage is left behind in terms of just being able to focus on football,? Ralph said. “I’m really feeling comfortable where I’m at.?

Ralph’s best season was with the Tiger-Cats in 2007, when he hauled in 50 balls for 721 yards and three touchdowns. Last year was not bad — relatively speaking, of course — as he hauled in 43 passes for 559 yards and two touchdowns. It was his third-best season since he joined the league in 2003.

The 6-foot-2, 190-pound University of Wyoming product isn’t big on talking about the personal numbers he’s shooting for this season, but he has no problem discussing team goals.

“I just want to win,? said Ralph, who has been on just two teams with winning records in his seven CFL seasons. “I want to know what this city would feel like to win in, and I want to be able to look the other guys in the league in the face and have them know that they’ve got their work cut out when they line up against us.?

If he your best WR your in Trouble ..

I like Brock But he an underachiever and always will be

Who said he's our best WR?

LOL...easy Blue...the 'Cat fans proved earlier this week there is a problem with reading and understanding...this is just another shining example...

So true.

There are quite a few guys on Winnipeg's roster that are better than Ralph. Don't assume that because there was a big article written about him that he is their best receiver. Actually, at one time, he WAS Hamilton's best receiver (2007? 2008?). How bad is that? He hasn't quite lived up to potential though, not even in Winnipeg IMHO.

I'm not going to judge him on last year since that really wouldn't be fair to him. He looked good in the pre-season game against Montreal and he's had a strong camp. This could be his year.

I'm quietly rooting for him. I always liked the guy.

gotta pull for canadians who could make an impact regardless of what team they are on. ralph is canadian and he's pretty good actually regardless of what certain people say about him.

its easy for people to talk crap behind assumed identities and what have you on the internet, this is what bothers me about most online sites ( is a great example). They all think they are experts, there are people on there who legit think they know more than the coach, the gm, etc. They rip on them to no end but then u go to a game live and its not like that at all. Same people talking crap about players are the same ones kissing their butts and begging for autographs or pictures with them.

i dont pretend to be an expert, when i was younger, i didnt play football. im a fan. people who know they are fans and just fans, thats cool but these guys who cut players online cuz of one or 2 bad drops or make cuts based on.. I DONT KNOW WHAT to be honest, they need to stop.

on, u have guys in mexico, kelowna, all over, they dont see the game, they listen on the radio and then they base their opinions on what others saw. Its just a joke.

Nice to hear...I've met Brock a couple of times...really nice guy, and tough not to like. I have a feeling this could be a very good year for him.

I think Ralph will be a better WR than SB. Once he gets into space, he's pretty fast, but over the middle in traffic is not his forte.

Bowman, I have no idea, he's just so inconsistent, tries to catch with his body too much, which is a bad habit he should have had broken when he was in junior. He is a deep threat though, good decoy. :slight_smile:

Edwards is Edwards and TJ Harris is looking like another go to guy, toss in Watson, Arthur & Hargreaves and Davis and we have a few options.

Not the scariest group in the league by any stretch, but a group that could be deep with NI's and 4 very respectable imports.

Then you also have Reid/Bernard/Marc and Stephenson all as receiving threats out of the backfield.

Potentially, good enough to get the job done most nights.