Chick's Boasting May Hurt The Riders

TSN is running a Canadian Press story where John Chick is boasting about how he puts fear into opposition players! Chick is quoted as saying that a lot of guys take plays off but that he never does and opposing players are always going to have him in their faces. Miller is quoted as saying that he is betting that Chick will win the battle on Sunday. These two idiots have just given the Stampeders even more motivation to come in here and kick butt on Sunday. Players take that kind of boasting personally and find it insulting. You can bet the Calgary o-line along with Burris and Reynolds will be fired up on Sunday and I predict Mr. Chick is going to be in for a long, long day! I think the success the Riders have had this season is going to Miller's and Chick's heads. What a dumb thing to do!

uh no, I totally disagree.

the success has NOT gone to Miller's and Chicks head. they've stated numerous times how they're well aware of Calgary and they're very prepared! they're doing whatever they can to make sure they're ready for the Stamps..

this is a load of Horse Crap!

Riders will win. without a inch of doubt in my mind!

all this talk is just people trying to create a story for the game! WHATEVER!!

...let 'em focus on Chick...ought to open some more daylight for Baggs if they do...

I have never agreed with you about anything before but I certainlly hope you're right about this!

That was intended for cflisthebest!

If the Stamps need that relatively innocuous comment to motivate them, then they are in trouble.
A little swagger is okay. But compared to the over-the-top routines we've seen from the Stamps in recent years, John was being humble....

no kidding..the Stamps are famous for their over the top productions and showboating! it's like they're more concerned about getting their dance routines right than winning the game!

I think the Stamps are motivated enough. They haven't won against the Riders this year and they have a chance to play for the Grey Cup in their hometown. I don't think confidence from Miller and Chick is going to cause us to lose.

Telling your oponents that you believe they fear you is more than a little swagger and I would not describe it as an innocuous comment! You are not only challenging your opponents’ professional pride but in addition you are casting doubt on their courage and their manhood.

In 2007 the Argos being the best team in the East finished first and got the play-off bye. Winnipeg finished second in the standings and had to beat Montreal to get to the Eastern Final. In the days leading up to the Eastern final a Toronto player (I believe it was Kevin Eiben) made boastful remarks regarding the up-comming game. The Bombers were enraged and came into Rogers Center like each one of them had a bee in his bonnet and handed the Argos a 19 - 9 defeat! I have seen this played out a number of times over the years I have been a CFL fan.

Never give your opponents more powder for their cannon than they already possess!

I don't think this will hurt us sunday like someone else said this will hurt profesional pride well if they needed that for motivation they are done before the game starts
yes they want to be able to host the grey cup at home unfortunately were in there way this includes chick and the rest of the D which I hope is in spanks face all day long
I feel with the game being here the table tilts our direction all the way we have had nearly 2 full weeks of prep time so I would think we have some new wrinkles to show the stamps on both sides of the ball on teams if jamie isn't back the young guy and congi had some time to polish there games
be confident R.C we will be motivtated on sunday and ready to go all the way till next sunday when they hoist the cup and bring it back home
plus I haven't added in the 13th man which is also gonna make a deafning difference in the game and very unpleasent for the stamps :x :x :x

Hogwash! its playoff Football something is always said, won't hurt the Riders one bit! all I hope is the Riders put the Stamps to sleep early and the Defence plays real hard and shuts up Burris and his finger pointing

This comment doesnt hurt the Riders chances any of winning this game. If anything this should fire up John Chick to want to come out and back up his talk. Calgary ran their mouths after the Edmonton win saying they were going to come into Regina and pretty much guarenteed the victory. As what was stated before, Calgary already has their motivation. I have seen this type of thing work the other way as well with players like Chad Johnson in the NFL guarenteeing so many touchdowns and delivering. Riders by 13.

I can honestly say that this is one time I'm happy to have been wrong. Congratulation Riders!

If you think Chick is boasting....OMG!! Have you ever heard an interview with him? Nik Lewis or Jermaine Copeland, yes; John Chick...definitely not. He may sound confident, but he doesn't have a boastful bone in his body.