"Chicken noodle soup! Chicken noodle soup!"


Anyone else here this during Montreal's field goal attempt?

First it was Chick'n bags, now chicken noodle soup

Just rewound the PVR to that play.... Yep, that was Cahoon saying it as the snap count. :lol:

I'm glad someone else heard that. I thought maybe he was saying something else, and I was mistaken.

If I were lining up to defend a field goal, and the holder yelled, "Chicken noodle soup!" I'd assume they were running some kind of fake.

That's pretty funny! :lol:

I wasn't sure where that was coming from. I thought maybe it was some nut in the crowd who happened to be close to the microphone. It seems like every game there's one guy next to the mic, and it always picks them up saying/yelling crazy things.

But if that's their snap count, then that's hilarious!

lol ya i thought that was coming from the stands

Had it been from the stands you would have heard

"Soupe de Poulet et Nouilles!"

Mmmmmm . . . Soupe de Poulet et Nouilles . . . :stuck_out_tongue: