Hope the injury isnt too serious, he is huge for us on the line...please post some news on his injury when you have it

Sprained MCL in his knee...he's out for atleast a month...this came from the Rider training staff during the TSN telecast

Wonder if they will try Shologan out on the end? They don't really have another end on the roster. I assume that Mullinder will probably be put in there but I don't think he will do much.

Mullinder is to slow for DE

Kind of looks like the Flemons trade was a little premature

Why? Flemons is injured, too...

Dek Bake will likely fill in at end. Look for him to surprise a few people.

With ET's track record, I think we need to stop doubting that he'll find a quality replacement for Chick!

From what i've heard he'll suprise a few people before he even hits the field :stuck_out_tongue:

????? do explain

From what i hear he looks way cooler looking than Nate Davis. Now remember thats just what i've heard not seen.

You're thinking of the wrong guy. That's Nuvraj Bassi, who plays DT.

Dek Bake is someone else.

ah yes ur right i got names mixed up!

TSN is reporting that Mullinder will be starting in Chick's spot.

Considering there hasn't even been a practice yet, I wouldn't put too much stock into it.

Bassi was out practicing today, as was Shologan.

Most of these guys are better suited at the tackle spot. Personally, I anticipate Chunky moving outside, and leave Verdon in the middle.

Bake to take Chick's spot.

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