Chick to sign with TiCats

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.@garylawless - John Chick is going to sign with #Ticats. Says deal all but done. #CFL

Interesting. Bob Young is desperate for a ring. And I get that, in a league with 8-9 teams and no ring after this amount of time as owner, well... And C&S with the Shmargos their first year with having to take a loan from Braley got a ring. Has to bug Bob to no end that wishy washy owners like C&S got one like that as wishy washy non-committed owners that didn't have much coin. :wink:

Montreal and Hamilton have improved this off season, while the Argos do nothing and the Redblacks get worse.

Luckily, there's plenty of time left before the season begins.

100 000 pay cut.

Chick still has something left to give. Deal sounds favourable for the Ticats as it won't hamstring them from continuing to try sign some of that long list of pending FAs, which still includes a lot of their DLine - Hall, Hickman, Laurent, Bulcke.

Your saying Jones tried to cut his pay in half ?

Barring injury , the ticats will win next years super bowl. (and the Grey Cup) :rockin:

..Don't agree....there is A LOT of fa's in Ham. left to re-up and to remain sms friendly they won't be able to retain them all ...especially big money guys like Laurent... In light of what they are now paying Chick their budget looks a little strained ...We shall see in about 2 wks. :wink:

This is bad news for the Argos.

Its offical:

[i]Ha ha! Let the Ticats pay Chick 200K for the 5 sacs he will produce in 2016!

He's on the decline and his skills have much diminished. Way to go Kitty Cats! :smiley: :cowboy: [/i]