Chick signed

Supposedly signed by the Riders...I had put it at 60/40 between Sask and Hamilton

[url=] ... riderville[/url]

supposedly 100 + potential bonuses of 20%...a tad lower than I figured, but not a pile...I had thought 120-140

...So who gets shown the door to fit this one into the sms.... :roll:

if 100 K is correct it shouldn't be too bad. They are likely around cap, or over, but not over pier 1. That said they are heavy in TC LBs. I would suspect Ferri will need to impress. On the line George could be a casualty.

Sounds good; however Rod Pedersen reports the Stampeders were believed to be the biggest obstacle in the way.

I haven't heard anything in regards to the Stamps offer, but have heard unofficial details on the Cats offer, and what I heard was higher. Stamps may have been higher as well

Whatever the case, the Riders are looking really good on the defensive side of the ball. They'll definitely be a force in the West.

the team looks good on paper anyways. We've all seen that before. Time will tell.

Last season the lack of vetern leadership was evident. The team could have very easily had 12 wins had it not been for late game collapses at the beginning of the season. I feel they have now balanced thier team off on both sides of the ball by adding that vetern presence in the locker room. I feel that alone will get them to 11 or 12 wins this season.

This is a very good point. they had a streak of what...3 games where they had 7+ leads and really fell apart. I had kinda forgotten about that

Should be a good signing. It might be hard pressed to say he can repeat his 2009 season, but the Riders haven't had much of a pass rush since he left so even if his play isn't where it was, it should be an upgrade. He's also a really good guy in general, contributes a lot in the community, so it's really good to see him back.

Well, I think 4 years removed it will be a lot to expect a repeat season.

That said, he is on a better DL than he was in 2009, so who knows. In 2009 it consisted of Sholo who was basically a rookie (he came in in 2008 mid season and dressed for 1 game), Adams (a guy I rather like on a personal basis, but even he knows he was that he was that inbetween size for DT/DE), and Baggs (who is IMO one of the more overhyped DEs around, or at least was at that time, but still very good).

I think that the line of Chick, Foley, Sholo, McElveen will be a force to be reckoned with. They also have some solid rotational players in Rowe and Evans. I am stunned that david veikune was let go though. Why him over Rowe I have no idea. I believe he was intended to see a lot more action this season, so poof he goes with Chick back

I think much like Stevie Baggs, the biggest beneficiary of the Chick signing will be Foley. Unless Chick is just a shadow of his former self, he's going to draw most of the attention freeing up Foley. I honestly think Foley is an average defensive end, but his birthplace helps him and he may end up having a big season because of it.

I agree, except that Foley is somewhat above average, and his place of birth is mute, for he will unlikely be a ratio player w/o a legitimate NI backup. None the less, it should open things up for him and others on the line. What I liked with Veikune was he is a DT/DE, meaning he is a bit more explosive when in there than the average DT. DTs are more about pushing people around and plugging holes with bodies. That said, I guess with McElveen, Viekune's role became redundant.