Chick or Bowman

So, if both are ready to come off the 9-game list which do you take off and why.

I bring off Chick, I think we need some help getting to the QB more than we do dropping balls. j/k. Actually I think Bishop is gaining continuity with the receivers and it is helping the offence alot and don't think we should disrupt that.

The rules for the SMS and 9-game aren't in the rulebook ... so I don't know exactly, but, I assume that 9-game means 9 games, and the end of the regular season doesn't make a difference. (anybody know if and where the non-rulebook rules are?)

Bowman went on the 9-game after labour day, and will be available for the 1st playoff game. Chick went back on the 9-game after the Banjo Bowl and would not be available until the 2nd playoff game.

Taking Chick off, means they are BOTH eligable for the playoffs.

Tough call Stevie Bagg filled in nice for Chick the other night and Seante Williams has been playing well in that spot as well. It would be nice to have Bowman at 6’4" out there but the recievers are getting the job done.

Glad it is not my decision.

If all is well on the field then but all is not well in the books (i.e. SMS spending limit) - which I have no idea if it is the case or not - it may be an option to just leave them both on the 9-day. Teams aren't obliged to take someone off each half season.

You guys all know how big of a fan I am of Adarius Bowman, but I really think we need to bring Chick back.

I am a huge Chick fan but I think it should be Bowman. I think the D is playing great right now and we can wait for him. The recievers are playing great too but it would be nice to have Bowman's height out there. Plus the reports from practice have Bowman catching the ball well, so it would be nice to have another weapon on offence.

What about DJ Flick? Isn't he ready to play again?

I would think John Chick. We have Fantuz and Flick comming back in 1 or 2 weeks, and with Dressler a lock, I think we have a good group to pick from for the other receivers. Chick would be huge, as depth on the D Line is not as plentifull as at receiver.

we don't need Bowman. our receivers right now are fine without mr. Drops.

you got Getzlaf who's playing great. Dressler, Walker, Baggs.

why bring Bowman in when he can't catch.

Bowman can be a big play guy, not to mention he's taller than 5'9 so Bishop's throws wouldn't have to be perfect. He wasn't catching the ball early in the season but neither was Fantuz last year. I think he'll help us a lot.

Because Bowman has been doing really well in practice, presents a bigger target and provides our QB with an easier job.

We go with the guys that give us the best chance to win.

I didn't mention flick cause he is already off the 9 game injured list.

Even though our defense has been outstanding all year , a healthy John Chick minus the cast would be my pick. Although, it would be nice too see if Bowman has finally figured out that he may not be NFL bound after all , now maybe he'll show a little more concentration and intensity on the field ........

I say chick, our reciver situation is pretty good right now. Gerrran Walker, Chris Getslaf, Weston Dressler, Corey Grant, and D.J. Flick should be back within a week or so, and Fantuz right after that, so i say chick we need more pressure on the quarterbacks.

Pardon me if I am showing my ignorance of the SMS but can we not take both of them off?

I believe the team can remove 1 player from the 9 game injury list per half season. They brough Chick back early in the first half so they can only bring back one more player early.

One in the first half of the season (which was Chick), and one in the last half of the season...that's it, that's all...

Who else is on the 9 game? What if i dont want to take either of them off, what are my other options? But honestly, I dont like the option of Chick because what 10 mins or so into his first game back from being taken off the very same list he, essentially gets put right back on.. As a coach its a kick in the nuts to need to bring back the same guy. We tried that once, and it didnt work to great, in my coaches eye, he can sit and wait. sorry chick i know u wanna prove your beastly hood, but not yet brotha. Bowman, i think would come back smarter, and more focused. Like ?deflated? said, maybe he'll put more concentration on our field knowing that he's not immediately going to the no fun league.

So i say what are my other options? I think Bowman would be a great addition to the O, but Chick would be another great weapon on D.

IF IT HAS to be done, i pull off Chick, due to the D line not having the same depth as the WR's... Although im more a fan of bowmans

Tough decission.

The thing is that if you don't take Chick off he isn't available until the second playoff game and if you leave Bowman on he will be available for the first playoff game.

If you take Chick off you have all your weapons going into the playoffs which IMO is the best decision.

It's official. They took Chick off the list. He's gonna play with a splint on his finger though.

It's all over there on Rod's Blog.