Chick done for season

NFLer I know...still a story of interest for Rider Nation

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eh, not really. he's no longer a Rider and we've moved on long ago.

:thdn: :thdn: CITB. Not all of us Rider fans are that cold.

I was sick for the guy...he worked so hard to get there, finally caught a break and then bam...season done. I hate to see anybody get hurt. Well, maybe someone could hurt Rob Murphy a little :smiley: ...but other than that, I hate to see anybody get hurt.

And Chick played his heart out for the Riders, and is a good guy. So yeah, I feel bad for him. :cry:

Tough luck for John. Hopefully he will be ready to play again next season. I always feel a sense of pride in ex-Riders who make it in the NFL and actually get to be a starter.

i'm not saying that I don't feel bad. but he's no longer a Rider and to me he's just another NFLer

And that's why you aren't like the rest of us. Once a rider always a Rider. Especially if he was as great as Chick was. There is no doubt that Chick is a future Plaza of Honour inductee. Get well John, I hope you can recover from this.

please, how little you know me.

I'm a bigger Rider fan and follower than most people on here.

I just show it a little different than some.

:thup: :thup: :thup: This.


That's hypocritical. They don't know you but you know the rest of us well enough to make that statement. I see. Anyways, it ain't a pissing match.