Chick and Dressler released

Jamie Nye
#Riders release John Chick AND Weston Dressler

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“We spoke with each player and their respective agents at length in an attempt to negotiate more cap friendly contracts but unfortunately could not reach satisfactory agreements.?

Yikes does not bode well for maintaining organization-fan relations. Not that people didn't see it coming.

Could see that one coming

Well it clears some room to sign Smith if that is at all in the game plan.

DD is next I bet if he doesn't take a reduction.

I figured Dressler would be outright released rather than traded.


were they both due to become UFA? If not why not atleast try to trade them - they have value still?

Nope, Chick had another season, Dressler had another 3 I believe. Their huge lopsided contracts are the reason why they could not be traded. Nobody wanted to pick up their contracts so that leaves you with releasing them.

Hope Xavier Fulton is in the game plan for Rider Green.

Doubt it.

This news shouldnt be was well broadcast that they were going to need to take trims or depart. I am shocked Chick didn't agree, though that depends on what they wanted to move him down to I guess. I am also assuming they tried dropping like 1/3 of Dressler's contract off...don't blame him for not biting. Chick might have been harder to move, but I have a hard time believing Dressler could not be moved, especially to the Als


Jones can go f##k himself, this is a big mistake on both counts, I am not the least bit happy with this one… down right pissed !!

Well I guess Jones just showed how smart he is. I never was thrilled he got so much power and this is the reason why. He runs the whole show and now the team, fans and organization will pay a very hefty price for it.

Truly this is one of the lowest moments as a rider fan and a black mark on the organization for allowing it to happen.


Depop you yourself said that they would never out right release Dressler and yet here the unthinkable has just happened.

The anger for the handling of getting Price and then extending him without a second thought and then turn around and just crap on two of the players that helped us to Grey cup victories is pure classless donkey dung.

Frankly I'm ashamed and embarrassed right now as a rider fan. I never thought we would sink to this level of scum type tactics. Good luck getting FA's to sign as they will not be stupid enough not to realize they could be gone just as quick.

The anger and disgust I feel at this time knows no limits. Thanks Jones for messing this team up in such a short time. Cory was an amateur compared to you at accomplishing this feat.

Chick out, Lemon in.

word is they offered Chick what Lemon would take + a modest amount

i am shocked they did...i am sure they made calls, but he is one of the highest paid non-QBs in the CFL...tough to move him i guess. Also, I said they "might" keep him for one year of that contract


contacting @cfl GMs around league. all saying the same thing about Chick and Dressler, they'll kick tires but price will have to be right

the consequence of paying top rate:
  • can't move em
  • can't afford to develop for the future.

The great GMs figure this out. Imports can be attracted by this...

  • Winning gives playoff compensation
  • Championships are worth more than a little more money to some (hell of a lot happier environment when you win)
  • NFL notices championship players more

don' be mad at mad at previous management for making what should have been life time Riders too expensive to retain

Perhaps there is a good reason he is one of the highest paid non qb's in the league. I'm sure when Calgary or some other teams picks him up and he burns us time and time again then Jones Almighty will realize it but little good that will do us then huh. We are losing more then just a great receiver we are losing a very intelligent individual that knows the game as well as anyone playing the game. Jone has no brains if he does not see that and acknowledge how it can help the team.

Yes dollars and sense wise it looks good on the books but this game isn't played on paper and Jones should have half a functioning brain cell to realize this. Obviously he does not.

Nobody said he is not a great player, but Jones is freeing up money to spend on Canadian talent because the previous regime did not leave him much. Some team will pick up Dressler, but it will NOT be for what he was making as a Rider. He will play well, and people will see his big plays and be saddened by it. I do not blame Dressler for walking...I mean, I am pretty confident it was somewhere around a 70k cut they asked of him. That is hard to swallow. Everyone wanted to see BOTH of these players retire in green, just like BC fans wanted to see from Geroy Simon. Not an easy life to be a doubt there...but this was in the best interest of the club as a whole. This is entirely to be blamed on previous brass

The other factor to consider with John Chick is that he just started a new business in Regina. I wonder what impact that has on things, if any at all.